Which trees will you plant in 2019?


I too have the thick skinned Enterprise. How does it taste? FABULOUS!


I got it sorted out in email, thanks


Do you spray your Enterprise?


Yes, but it is disease resistant. A little CAR but thats it. Small spples. :blush:


My Enterprise were notably large


Lois for me Enterprise has never really performed well. Hate the thick skin but the flavor of the apple is excellent. It has been taken care of like the others. I think it must be my soil; all these years the other apples have been fertilized and sprayed just like Enterprise, but no go. My stone fruit all do well (as do my pears) but this one apple is very picky in my orchard.


I found it very useful for baked apples with the size and the skin, but I didn’t need a whole tree’s worth of baked apples


Small apples? I feel like my Enterprise were really big. They did have CAR but worked through it without dropping the infected leaves.


Mine have always been small to medium at best. Don’t know what is wrong. It took seven years to get my first apple on Enterprise!


Planting wickson next spring. Word has it that it’s a great apple. That’s it for trees. Also planting grapes as well, but obviously not a tree.


i found that the mount etna class of figs will tolerate very poor conditions with no spraying, so now i’m looking for a peach that will live in the limestone sand n gravel i pretend is soil.


cutting down a palm tree to plant a pinkerton avocado, which is supposed to be a highly productive variety. pinkertons should ripen nov-april, and my reed should give fruit july-sep (may-october by some accounts). that means i should eventually have avos to eat most months of the year.

of course, i’m counting my avos before they hatch. :yum:


Kansas does not have the best soil or conditions and reliance peach works well for me here.


clark, thank you,
i’ll go look at them.


Well, I ended up getting an Improved Celeste from JF&E and cuttings of Florea, Smith, and Ronde de Bordeaux.

Based on your comments and what I’ve read online I’m definitely putting Florea and RdB in the ground next to my Chicago Hardy. Smith will have to go in a 15 or 20 gal pot which maybe I can bury over winter or grow indoors with a grow light… assuming it will continue to be productive well into winter in my basements ~65°F temps with adequate lighting.

Not really sure what to do with the IC though… I might just put it in the ground with protection and use a small poly low-tunnel and heat the ground to bring it out of dormancy and into production earlier. I’m definitely out of space after these trees unless I can convince my wife to let me try and espalier against the side of the house…lol


The wife, always the wife limiting our space. I here ya Dimitri. Ha


Can’t really blame her, if I had things my way our back yard would look something like this except with fruit tree and bushes:


I love my wife, so I’m not bad mouthing her, but the other day she goes on this rant about how I have no spacial orientation. I was trying to fit way too many noodles in a storage container, I thought it would work, but not even close. So she says, “Like your trees, they are clearly too close together, and you keep wanting to get more.” I said, “No, that’s what people on the fruit growing forum do, babe.” “Its all about pruning.” I proceeded to show her pictures of others’ yards. She remains unconvinced.


Rdb is tricky for in ground because it also sets fruit late after hard pruning, one thing it has going for it is the wood is pretty flexible. It is also a really strong grower, I’d give it extra space if you can.


I finalized a scion order through Bob Purvis. Spoke to him on the phone for a while and he was super helpful and very kind, and raised around my region.

I ordered scions of Chestnut crab, Rubinette, Kidd’s Orange Red apples.
Apricots were Jersey Cot, Sugar Pearls, Tomcot, and Zard.
Pears were Aurora, Magness, 20th Century.
Peach was Victoria.
Plums were Shiro, purple heart, Bluebyrd and Kenmore.

I also confirmed a 100-42 persimmon from Dax, who is also very kind and welcoming.

I am on the verge of ordering Earlyglow and Jewel strawberries along with Bristol black raspberries and rhubarb from Nourse berries.