Which trees will you plant in 2019?


IC is less precocious than Florea and Tiger, also slow growing in comparison, very few figs formed on my trees early in the season, my 3 yo inground tree which I protected last winter had a good set starting around the tenth leaf and those are beginning to ripen now. IC is light on flavor, so is Florea but just slightly less so, they can both be very sweet. I’d say IC has slightly better insect and split resistance than Florea, I’d still choose Florea though because it is so much more productive.

Tiger has a trailing or weeping growth habit and ripens 2-3 weeks after Florea and IC. It takes longer for the figs to ripen than Florea and the Etna types, but when it is well ripened it is sweeter than the Etnas and has a better flavor than Florea and IC.

I got rid of LSU Purple early on, people say it gets better with age but I think weather is a bigger factor and they would still have had trouble in the future here.


Have ordered an Enterprise apple tree, Freedom apple tree, Calloway crabapple tree and a Chojuro Pear. That’s it! All finished for the coming year :wink:


My family and I were happy with Enterprise. They were big enough to cut up and feed us all and tasted good, not the best, but better than others. Some rotted terribly, but the ones that didn’t rot looked perfect.
I also grafted on Freedom last year and plan to graft Chojuro next year.


Why is it that nurseries like Boyer’s and Raintree can use cold storage but Bay laurel refuses to do so?


Excellent Jim! I realy, really don’t want to spray. Can you tell? HA! Probably obvious in the three types of apples I chose. You aren’t too far from me so great to hear. Thanks for sharing! Excited for my first crab apple to. At a minimum it should help pollinate Freedom and Enterprise.


Why did you choose Calloway crab apple? I was going to get Chestnut crab apple, but, lilke you, try not to spray too much.


Mainly Jim because of the statement below. Lucky lives within 20 miles of me and his description of Callaway looks like it would be a good fit for me.


I will planting a Maraschino Cherry orchard this year. They are the only truly Sweet Cherry and keep longer than any other variety.


Not sure. I will graft what I want now-a-days, anyway. You’re getting there as-well, Bryan. Use that tool because it works.



I’m hoping to plant orleans reinette, pitmaston pineapple and a blue pearmain apple but am so close to out of room and my wife is way past giving me a hard time I should have barely enough room but it will be close. Might have to start grafting instead just to keep my wife happy, I want to say bummer and be happy with my wife. I’m torn. Ugh. How does everyone one else handle this any pointers? Hoping…

Edit. Just tried ashmeads kernel grown in hood river not to bad but not my favorite either. I will graft Orleans Reinette and pitmaston pineapple to it. Now for blue pearmain…


I just discovered that Bay Laurel changed my order for Independence nectarine from Citation rootstock to Lovell. This pisses me off, as the only reason I ordered from Bay Laurel was the rootstock

I can get it from another vendor shipped at a more seasonable time for my zone.



Why do you want citation for a nectarine tree? A lot of people here have complained about its performance with peach/nectarine trees, as it produced stunted trees for them. With plums/apricots it performs very well. I think a couple of guys also mentioned it may suffer from some disease susceptibility issues.


Could be a blessing in disguise. In the last 3 years I have had 10 Peaches/Nectarines on Citation, 4 have outright died, 3 I’m fighting canker on now, 3 that are canker free. For me in this hot humid climate, no more Citation Peach/Nectarines.


I’m adding Franklin cider apple, David’s Kandy hybrid persimmon, Black Sea jujube, Honey Blaze nectarine, Broken Heart plum, Late Muscatel euro plum, and a white nanking cherry. I’ll probably add 20 or so grafts too but am really just trying to evaluate what I already have and figure out what’s working best before I add much more. But those catalogues get mighty tempting again come January and February when the sun sets at 4:00 pm and there’s a heavy layer of snow on the ground and I haven’t been able to orchard for a few months. Really hoping to avoid those seasonal-deprivation purchases this year.


Hi Lois. I noticed that Bay Laurel still has Independence on Citation listed on their website. They have been really good about adjusting my orders by phone, so that might be a possible solution.


Yes, I’ve read this as well, but I haven’t had problems with the one nect I alreasdy have on Citation, and my heavy wet soil is more suited to it. Lovell doesn’t like wet feet


I don’t believe it! I just heard from Bay Laurel who says they’re sending a tree on Citation - Heavenly White, which will freeze in my zone.


I’m scheduled to get Governor Wood cherry, George IV peach, the new Everest grape and English Morello cherry on Gisela 3. I’ve been wanting to try a guigne cherry for awhile, so I’m excited about the Governor Wood. I’ve also been wanting to try something on Gisela 3. I thought I had a Surefire cherry on G3 but it turned out to be G5. I’m hoping for George IV to be hardy, decent tasting and earlier than most of my hardy peaches like Veteran and Contender.


Well…my order arrived from one green world today and umm I am not sure what they sent. I received 3 otherwise healthy looking trees 1 labeled Callaway crab✔️, 1 labeled Liberty and 1 unmarked mystery one. I ordered a Callaway, Freedom and Enterprise from them. Ugh!! I guess I will have to call them. More to follow.


Looks like they are going to remedy the mistake. “Hi Zach,
So it turns out the mystery tree is in fact the Enterprise variety. The Freedom was accidentally swapped out as the Liberty. We will certainly correct this and send over a Freedom tree replacement. Apologies again on the inconvenience. “