White fleshed PawPaw variety?

Hey there.

I would like to know if anyone has heard of a white fleshed pawpaw variety thats still available!

I found some variety descriptions of Buckman, White (Duh!) and Blue Ridge … but cant find one that would sell them.

Iam interested in one of these cause they are said to be more mild than the others (Orange ones should be strong flavoured)

And ofcourse, i would like white ones because they look more like a cherimoya ^^

Any ideas?


Some of the fruit I had from a clump of trees growing in Fremont,CA had an almost white pulp.Yes,they were mild,but I prefer the yellow to orange flesh ones. Brady

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As Brady Stated you might not find any whitish flesh ones available as they tend not be well flavored at least that has been my exposure, so probably why they have not been selected for propagation.


Sometimes, the flesh of Shenandoah is whitish. That one has a flavor akin to banana pudding.

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Good that i have one Shenandoah ^^

I have found a picture of a whitish Shenadoah… this one seems like the type that i want!

Also …

What are the best orange fleshed ones with a rich flavour?

I just want to have as much diversity as possible in my future PawPaw Orchard!


“Orange-fleshed ones with the rich flavor”

You’re looking for Allegheny, my favorite.


Hey, thx.

I really want the Allegheny PawPaw but the only nursery in europe (French) that lists this variety doesnt have it atm :unamused:.

Would like to order it with the Rappahannock so i would have 4 of 6 Peterson varieties. (Cant find a nursery in europe that has Potomac and Wabash)

Maybe that will change next year?!

Got “Shenandoah” and “Susquehanna” last year from the Swiss Nursery “Lubera”.

This month they added the “KSU-Atwood”.

I immediately bought one!

Chances are good that we get more special varieties in the next years. (Lubera)


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The specimen in my picture is not as orange as they can get.


Thanks for the link.
It’s always nice to have more European nurseries that sell Peterson’s varieties. Too bad Lubera.uk and Pepiniere du Bosc don’t have Allegheny available. I also would like to add it to my 2 Peterson’s varieties, Susquehanna and Rappahannock. I also have Prima, NC-1 and Mango.
They are still young trees and i know they are slow growing so i have to be patient but can’t wait to taste my first cultivated Paw Paw.
I also had (have?) a very small KSU-Attwood. It was dying and when i uprooted it i saw that some creature ate almost all the roots. This was last autumn. I moved it closer to the others in a desperate last attempt to save it. In that spot the soil has more coarse sand and the gophers? don’t like it, but it doesn’t drain too well because of a clay underlayer,

I checked recently and it’s in bad shape, the only thin branch it has suffered quite a bit with the unusual cold weeks we are having and is half black, but i have some hope it may pull through this spring. We will see in a month or so…

The tree in this photo is my Prima last spring. It’s the one that adapted best and it seems a fast grower. Nevertheless, in the first year i had to improvise some shade, because the summer sun was burning the young leaves.


I hope my PawPaws survived this:


I hope they will look like that again!






Why didnt i find this earlier haha.

PawPaw: Al Horn, white flesh and pineapple like flavor (http://www.nuttrees.net)

Ill have to see how i can obtain this variety!


There is a pawpaw I have had in local tastings that is white-pulped, and definitely much milder than your typical pawpaw. I believe it was labeled “Sue” although this description doesn’t match my recollection.


Does Shenandoah get this white? With firm melting flesh, almost no flavor?

Excuse the dirt in that last photo i had to prove the fruit was ripe to people on Facebook so i took a picture hours later of the half i discarded on the ground to show them.


Shenandoah is not typically that white but I guess this sometimes happens for whatever reason. I had a davis fruit off my tree once that was stark white like your shenandoah but they are not typically that color.

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I have this variety for sale. It will be available in May. www.peacefulheritage.com


That shen looks and sounds, from the description, underripe or otherwise underdeveloped. So white flesh in that case is not surprising.
The main variety advertised as white is Al Horn, but I had some nearly white Lehman’s Chiffon fruits (fully developed/ripe) this year. Video on my YouTube.
My point being- I think it can happen on some random fruits, not only on Al Horn or other “white fleshed” cultivars.

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I am going to second that. We have loads of Shenandoah fruit from 5 trees here. That looks more like it fell off the tree early, which does happen.

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I’ll be propagating many Al Horn Whiteflesh pawpaws in 2022 and will have them available in May. I call it 'Horn’s White".


Oh nice! Do you plan to have this variety available next year?

Yes, we had it this year and plan on having it in 2023 also. It is popular and sells out fast. See it here: