White Limbertwig

Since Limbertwigs are a hot topic right now :slight_smile: has anyone tasted a White Limbertwig? I have a nice 3 year old tree but no fruit yet.


White Limbertwig is very good here. It produces large, clean fruit that are crisp and and sweet/tart. Like some other Limbertwigs, it stores well and is at its best after a couple of months of storage.


I ate 3 yesterday. Sweet flavor, crisp, but not hard, has some give when you chew, almost spongy I guess you could say, moderately juicy, could definitely taste lemon in it yesterday but without the tart, have never tasted that in an apple before, overall a very good apple. Produces an abundance of medium sized apples for me. Zero spray and the coddling moths seem to avoid it more than most of my other apples.


Funny that you mention yours has some tartness to it. Mine have none here in northern Arizona. But then again the Arkansas blacks I had this year were incredible apples and had just a hint of tartness and very sweet. One of the best apples I’ve ever had.

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thanks for the descriptions and picture Jerry and Brian. :slight_smile:

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Nice looking Limbertwig.

First year for white limbertwig for me and I’m sure I did not pic it at the right time but I remember it being a very good balance of sweetness/tartness leaning a bit more towards the sweet side.