White Pakistan mulberry is my new Favorite 😍

These White Pakistan mulberries are better tasting then a good peach in my book. So sweet and have a unique flavor like Vanilla or some sort. Wow. A must berry tree . Birds left them alone also…


Do you have the other Pakistani the black one? If you do which one is best?

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Purple Pakistan mulberry tasted real sweet with normal mulberry flavor but nothing Iike the White.


These are hardy to zone 5? Where did you get your tree from?

Mine died back pretty badly over winter. But it was in a pot and with zero protection over winter. Had it been in ground, it would have had zero damage in Zone 8B.
A potted black pakistan had only minor damage.
Both are cold sensitive but the white is much more so.

I have both now in ground.


That’s great to know that, I definitely would try acquire this one. Any lead for scions would be appreciated. Congrats Tony!

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My 2 White and 3 purple Pakistan mulberries are potted and overwinter in a shelter or unheated garage.


Oh wow, I was always told that mulberries are such vigorous growers that they don’t fruit very well in pots. Thanks!

I have seen people claim mulberries don’t do well in pots due to the fact they will only get 5 or 6 feet in a pot. I counter them with my thoughts that you may not want a 70 foot mulberry tree. Tony and I discussed it in one of my threads. He mulches heavily so he does not have to water every day.

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The black Pakistan mulberry has a more appealing taste to me as well. The black Pakistan is supposed to be more of a super sweet berry profile while many compare the white to honeydew. I love berries but am not a fan of honeydew.

If you believe in the power of flavenoids you are lucky to prefer the black. As far as growing in pots to move to some kind of shelter in winter, for figs it works well to plant the pot about a third of the way into soil and let the roots grow into it, severing them when you over winter them indoors- just making sure the potting mix is kept moist late in the season so there are plenty of fine roots in it.

That might work well with mulberries also. You can get a much bigger tree in a smaller pot if you do it this way and need water less frequently during much of the growing season.

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