White Winter Pearmain Pie


And how did it compare to other apple pies?

Looks good!
Is this White Winter Pearmain also know as just White Permain?

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The “Winter” in this apple’s name is due to it being a great keeper. I enjoy it fresh or cooked.

Uncertain. The cultivar goes back to the early 1200’s.

That sounds like the same apple. I was reading that the White Pearmain apple ripens really late and from the 1200’s. I believe it may be the same apple.
I had looked at getting this apple in my orchard. I was just not sure how ripening “late” actually meant? When did it ripen there for you?

It is nearly evergreen here. It blooms incessantly and there is always fruit on the tree. Here’s a thread for it: White Winter Pearmain


TY for the thread link. It looks like a big apple. Nice looking apples as well.