White Winter Pearmain


Just curious will you keep all your fruit trees small? Or is this just a younger tree? I’ve been serious considering keeping all mine only to about 6-7’ tall. I am not interested in climbing ladders or trees to pick apples any longer. On ground level picking is fine with me and my body.



Yes, for my height anything above 8’ is literally for the birds.

Now apple trees don’t readily conform to scaffolding like a pit fruit, but I do a modified form of it anyway. You can see from the photo that I’ve got a lower basis of supporting limbs and then I’m allowing uprights and some wandering from there. All of this is focused on getting fruit spurs to form in the 2’ to 7’ range.


Thanks for sharing! It must be confusing being a apple tree in zone 10. Poor trees never get to rest there.:joy: