Who grows Korean shingo/singo pear?

I found scions are available last year. Who is lucky enough to get some?

is it the same as Shinglo Asian Pear?

I think this one is AKA Niitaka (新高)different language, different pronunciation for the same thing. It’s available through some nurseries.

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I heard shingo/singo grew from the seeds of niitake. I have niitake.

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It should be like the pear sold in the store.

i think you are right i found this Harigi, Kochi – A Producer of Large and Delicious Niitaka Pears | Japan Fruits - Information on Fruit and Fruit Picking Activities in Japan

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i bought one labelled Shinglo Asian Pear its probably different than the one you are referring to. hopefully i have fruit this year.

Shinglo is not shingo/singo.

I have Shinko…from the long defunct Bear Creek Nursery…I presume it’s the same, just different spelling.
pears are beginning to bloom here…
let me look to see if it has broken dormancy

Before I thought they are same, actually different.
It is closer to niitake.

Shinko is a different pear. The Japanese write Shinko as 新興 while Singo/Niitaka should be 新高。

I also have Niitaka - probably my least favorite of any of the Asian pears I’ve grown.
Maybe it would be better if I thinned it - it sets tremendous numbers of pears… without thinning, they often don’t get much bigger than a golfball, never larger than tennis ball.

I haven’t grown this pear but the Singo at the Asian store imported from Korea taste bland to me. I much prefer a California Hosui or Shin Li pear. The ones from my backyard are pretty good of those 2 varieties as well.

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