Who let the Figs out!

I took the figs out of hibernation.



Nice, Tony. What temperature you have there?

I had this in the afternoon.


I don’t see any low below 33 degrees from here on and took the chance.



Congrats Tony. That’s a good day.

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Have you take any figs out of the barn yet?

Not quite yet. I’m waiting at least one more week. It involves moving large pots up uneven stone steps and takes about two hours. So I want to make sure I don’t do it too early.

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Are those the ones you’re started rooting in winter season? Or there the ones from last year?

The older ones are 5 years old. The ones close to the house are from last May.

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gotcha, the pots look small on the pic that’s why I tough they ware cuttings being rooting. It’s going to be a great year for figs

A good exercise!
My husband wastes his energy on treadmill.
Minus value. We changed a new treadmill last year.


Hi Tony, have yours started breaking dormancy? The brebas on my potted figs are starting to grow and the leaf buds are starting to open. They will be brought out at the end of the week.

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Mine are going out Wednesday. Tomorrow I’m putting out my less hardy mulberries, and western trailing blackberries. I also have pomegranates going out. I’m hoping that I can get Granada to work here. it is the earliest fruiting I know of. They overwinter well in the garage. Others just fruit too late.

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I put mine out on a March 8, but I had to put them back in for a week due to travel and not wanting to take any chances with freezes. Most have started breaking their buds.


Mine that are in the garage are just growing green tips. My garage is only 2-3 degrees warmer than outside on cold days. They will be out later this week.

The ones in the unfinished basement broke dormants weeks ago. A few have several figs on them. They are getting an artificial light treament in there and are greening up (from yellowish/pale green).


Mine are at green tips and I saw some brebas on a few of them. The Pakistan Mulberries are about to leaf our tho.


I’ve had the ones in compost socks standing up for about a week, they can be put back down and covered in an hour though. It is 6 hours of hard labor to move all my container trees out, so I don’t want to make the mistake of bringing them out too soon. Maybe in a couple weeks.


Here‘s my figs in the basement getting fake sun bathing.


Thank you for sharing this picture. I always feel badly when my figs start pushing pale yellow, almost white growth in their dark exile.

I should move my lights today and I may move some pots out tomorrow as well.

The rain we’re predicted to have on Thur-Sat should do them some good.



I know exactly what you talked about re. whitish/very pale green color our fig leaves are in the dark.

My husband hanged two light panels over the pots a few days ago. It started to turn more green the next day.

Yeah i was going to take some out today, still too cold, one more day…
Some of mine are still fully dormant, some are greening up. I have the garage door open, so now at least getting sun. I’ll close it later. I sprayed copper today on my stone fruit, when recording it in my log I noticed I sprayed on this day last year too. They seem more advanced than last year, it was now or never. The extra went on some other plants including some dormant figs.