Who needs more sun - apricot or sweet cherry?

I have to decide between two spots for planting sweet cherry and apricot. Spots are adjusted, and from all other perspectives I would like to have cherry on the right and apricot on the left. But right side gets a little more shade from the trees during the day. Generally if the left spot will get 7 hours of full sun and 1 of transparent shade, the right one will get 5 hours of full sun and 3 hours of transparent shade from 1 to 3 PM.Again, form all other considerations, planting cherries on the right is much better for me. Is the difference worth to worry about? If yes, who needs more sun?

I believe Apricot, partially to combat bacterial spot but also because cherries always get up their sugar, even in partial shade.

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Definitely Apricot. Cherries will ripen in the Pacific NW under cloudy skies. Apricots typically won’t make it here.

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Not an expert but Id also say Apricot. I’ve always heard that sweet cherry is one of the least demanding trees in terms of sunlight needs.

Thanks!! That is what I wanted to hear!:slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling:

i agree with everyone. The more chilling hours a stone fruit needs, the less likely to be needy of sun.
when growing sweet cherries in the desert, might even help to situate in shaded areas just to “keep their cool” longer.
of course the opposite applies to apricots and jujubes