Why Do You Garden?

The topic emerges from another thread. I have a theory that our choices relative to look, what we grow and strategies are often based on unspoken and sometimes inadequately explored intangible motives. Why do you garden? As you explain why you garden, maybe show us some pictures of how your motives play out in approach, look, species and variety choices and the like. Here is a link to a YouTube video I made last summer where I talk about some reasons I garden. In the first part of the video, I was sitting in a swing. I hope I don’t make anyone seasick. LOL! https://youtu.be/opNUHBwduxQ


Maybe because its watching the miracle of life unfolding in slow motion.





The obvious answer here is “Braggin Rights” :sunglasses: @Olpea he knows :smile:


for me it 2 reason. 1st and most important to me is the relaxation i get being in the garden or orchard. My job can be very stressful and gardening helps relieve that. 2nd is my want to be as self sustaining as possible and feeding my family the purest cleanest form of food as i possibly can.


I suspect I garden for the same reason I like to hunt. It is something that was passed down from generation to generation and is maybe even deeper than that. I think humans have survived as a species by hunting and cultivating crops for such a long time that even in today’s society where it is not necessary we have a drive to do it and derive a deep sense of satisfaction from succeeding at it.

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In the beginning…mankind was designed to live in a garden. It’s a perfect fit. So it goes back more than a few generations, LOL.
I go out every day. I enjoy making it better than I found it, then looking back at what I did. I stand and stare at things that are growing. Just observing, being fascinated, intuitively finding what wants my attention, doting on the strugglers, admiring the vigorous, and, unfortuantely, resenting what takes me away from it all… Just fun.


OCD :grinning:


As much as gardening and tending to my trees can be frustrating, I think it helps keep me sane.

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My work involves lots of abstract concepts and intangible constructions. Gardening involves something solid and physical in the world that engages all of my senses, which is something that few hobbies can really do. It’s also something that allows me to share with those around me. While it’s great to bite into a fresh piece of produce, it’s almost just as good to see your friends and family do the same.

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I really can’t explain it. I spend a lot more money on gardening than I would on buying an equivalent amount of food. And it takes plenty of time.

But it is time well spent, I like how it looks, and it feels good to eat that small amount of food that comes out of it. It is fun to grow stuff that you can’t find in the store, and to see how the plants look and grow during their whole life cycle rather than just seeing the output in the grocery store. Sometimes home grown things taste better, though not always. Gardening has given me a real appreciation how incredible it is that we can go to the store anytime we please and get amazingly high quality produce for relatively little money. I simply can’t imagine how I would grow all the food for my family, even if I had a lot more space. Commercial growers are impressive.


I agree with Holly, I can’t really put my finger on why. It makes me feel calm, productive. I like to create (I paint, sew, quilt, embroider), and this is sort of a growing extension of my creativity, I think. I have this sort of quiet peace when I walk through my garden, which is very welcoming for me. I love to be able to eat what I grow, even though it’s probably (a lot) more expensive than just buying something at the store. It puts me outside, in the open air and sunshine, which re-energizes, yet relaxes me. Nothing else has that affect in my life, even my quilting or sewing doesn’t quite give me that “something else”. And, it makes me feel so good when other come and visit, and love what they see, and get the same sort of good feeling I get. And I like Anne’s comment, “…mankind was designed to live in a garden.” I think I"m going to put that on a sign in my garden!

Patty S.


I think Mes111 sums it up pretty well! Also it gives me some healthy exercise and fresh air, chemical-free food.

mental and physical health, regular exposure to sunshine, plus I see too many people with too many interrupts with my job. During my time, I prefer the garden.

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being always the bean counting fellow, I would say “you get the potassium, and the vitamin D”.

I think we are like leaf cutter ants that don’t need to cut leaves any more.

"What you up to there Phill " says John the leaf cutter ant

“I’m cutting leaves”

" what for" John responds looking puzzled

" well I bought some mycelium inoculate off the internet and I plan to take these leaves and start a culture with it"

“Wow” John says still perplexed "isn’t it hard to provide the correct environment for that mycelium "

" it sure is! I had to buy an incubator off the internet and modify it to maintain the correct humidity and temperature "

“That’s really something Phill” says john in his best attempt to act interested. " my wife buys our mycelium down at the grocery store in those little packs"

" We used to buy it there too John but this is a special type of mycelium that tastes so much better than that stuff in the pack…"


Many reasons…

  1. We eat what I grow. And it tastes better.
  2. I hate gym. And with my tendency to gain weight garden is only thing that keeps me down
  3. Garden works better then antidepressants. (Telling this by experience :grin:)
  4. Garden is a way to brag without actually bragging. My neighbors come over just to see first time in their lives how radishes are growing.
  5. Garden is a way to keep good relationships with your neighbors. My husband had a car shop in our home garage for 2 years, nobody complained, thanks to extra tomatoes and eggplants!
  6. Garden is a brain gym also. At least my garden where I almost have to play chess making space for a new tree without removing anything else.
  7. Garden is also art and not only visual art. It lives on your energy, and gives back. Almost poetry :grin:.
  8. It is most useful hobby I can imagine. It s not cheap, but at least you can enjoy it without wasting the results.

And here are the pictures:


I grow a garden for the same reason people speak because I was taught when I was young and don’t know any other way. If you were not allowed to speak, write, or communicate in anyway that is what it would be like for me to not garden. It is a large part of my existence. To not do it would be to not express myself.


I’m starting to think it’s because I’m a sadist judging by the number of new projects I start each year.


Kelby, think you mean masochist? Unless you are torturing your spouse or significant other, lol! Of course, both could be said to be true in my case, judging on the excessive eyerolling I got this year with yet, more bare root trees looking to have holes dug in non-existent spots in my yard, lol!!

Patty S.