Wildlife in our gardens


Thanks. It’s a hobby I don’t get to enjoy as much as I’d like. I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS1 most of the time because I can shove it in my pocket and have it ready as quickly as possible. All the above photos were taken with it. When I have the time to enjoy walking around with a camera I use my Nikon D90 DSLR. I usually wait until I fill up my SD card on the DSLR before I go through the photos, so I’ve got quite a few nice ones bouncing around on there I may upload on here someday.


Here’s my humble patch


Love zinnias - mine didn’t come up this year


Thanks. Photography was a big hobby of mine about 15-25 years ago. when film was still king. I did mostly landscapes, and my camera at the time was a Minolta SLR, and a couple of zoom lenses. Took a lot of beautiful shots from the West Coast, the Rockies, and one trip to France. But I felt like my lenses weren’t really that good, so I upgraded to a Nikon SLR and lenses, and they did awesome when I took them to Europe that year. But, digital was starting to coming on strong then (2003). so I never really used that rig again. I never thought digital would replace the detail and richness of film, but the advances in recent years are amazing, even in smartphone cameras.

Anyways, yes, please post some more pics when you can.


It’s great to connect with owls. I haven’t seen any directly until this afternoon. I went outside to dump some recyclables into one of our blue bins and there across the street I see a mockingbird harrassing something on the neighbor’s ice plant. It is still covering it’s prey a bit with wings but there’s no mistaking the head of a horned owl. A few more dives from the mockingbird and it is off to a utility pole down the street and then off to points unknown. Yes! They are hunting here :slightly_smiling_face:.


That’s pretty cool Richard! I was able to get a pic of this guy this spring. I’d flushed him out a few times in our woodlot, but never caught him sitting still enough for a picture (or didn’t realized it was there). I got a picture of one near the house a few years ago. This is a Barred Owl.


Mrs. Oriole has sewn a nest under a banana leaf with leaf fibers … and the mockingbird chicks in the grape trellis have hatched :slightly_smiling_face:


Love the pics



I wish I knew how to get pictures of the bats in the evening but they are extremely fast. The tree frogs, bats, dragon flies etc. are beginning to make a dent in the once thriving mosquito population. Mosquitos hide in the dense carmine jewell foliage but as you can see that dragon fly is waiting patiently.




Today I saw the mother rabbit trying to eat raspberries from their lower branches. The two baby bunnies all that were left from her latest drop of five hopping around my rose garden. And then the Garter snake slithering out of my Kiwi Gold raspberry bed and my keen bowser paying no attention!


Here’s the bunny!


No fear!!!



No kidding!


The doe only had two babies survive and they have since left town. Their nest has been torn to pieces. Hey, what about my fearless pup? Lol!


She’s saying “Let me at ‘em…just let me…!!!



@mrsg47 & @k8tpayaso You guys are so funny!

I was going to say, “sick it fido!” I see it all cleary Mrs. G.! :grin:



My chippie has watched our wabbits. Now he eats clover. Just like they do. Totally serious. Weird sweet little dog


so…this happened…TWICE!!! This is just about 10 feet from my orchard. Can you believe that I found these 2 snakes just 2 days apart. And these are not some piddly garter snakes-those I can handle. These are chicken snakes, and as you can see, the first one was absolutely living up to his name. He was on his way into my chicken brood-house where he no doubt would have had a nice meal!!! This is the largest snake I’ve ever found, and honestly I didn’t know they got this large. Believe it or not, the one on the chicken pen measured 7 feet and 2 inches!!! 7 ft 2!!! Are you kidding. I must confess that I somehow didn’t see him until I was about a foot away, at which point I’m not toooo ashamed to admit I screamed like a little girl!!! ha. I rarely kill snakes, and the second one (it was “ONLY” 5’ 4 inches) I didn’t kill- put it in a bucket and drove him about 2 miles away and released him. But the first guy trying to kill my chickens went to far so…it was OFF WITH HIS HEAD! Sorry. I know they kill mice and other pests but he was killing chickens and I can’t have that. Plus he was just too big for my comfort level! haha

This guy got to live…