Wildlife in our gardens


This large bird was hanging out in our neigborhood today. For awhile it was a couple hundred yards away perched on a eucalyptus tree. Its back was brown, with white markings in the lower part. I’d say at least 24" high. As Janet brought it into sight on her camera lens, it took off. :slight_smile:


Butterfly visiting the maypop. Not sure what she is.


Went in for lunch while spreading around some chipped pine branches today and came back out to find these two cuddled together, enjoying the warm sunny day.


Aren’t they cosy???


Glad you found them and not me.




Grasshopper? Locust?


Locusts are grasshoppers. More details here, especially in the Solitary vs. Swarming section:


Great to know. This guy was by himself. Very big. I killed him. No way I could see it doing no harm. Hopefully he doesn’t have a swarm nearby :fearful:


That is a neat pic of male and female garter. Surprisingly, the male is the SMALLER one.


Definitely in the gregarious garb.


Young Redtail Hawk searching our neighborhood for rodents today :slight_smile:




Just like corn on the cob!!! Excellent photos!!


Thank you!


Saw an article a while back, on how praying mantises have learned to capture humming birds. They hang out at the feeders and grab them.

While it’s great that they want to eat other bugs, I am a bit less excited that they can take hummers as food too. Sure glad they aren’t a lot bigger or we’d be in trouble.



As many of you know I’m not a fan of hummingbird feeders. Here’s another notch in my stick:


@Steve333, @Richard
I never knew praying mantises can get hummingbirds! That’s pretty scary!

I do have hummingbird feeder, I would feel pretty bad if a mantis got a hummingbird at my feeder😩

Thanks for the info! I will make sure my hummingbird feeder is far away from any shrub.


While not quite wild, our 6 month old cat has been catching some rodents for us. Here is a mole that he decided to bring up to the deck and leave at the front door for us. Of course, he had to pose by it.

Good boy!


This is a nice little 40" timber rattler my bro-in-law killed a couple months ago while he was trying to hook up his bush-hog to his tractor. This thing was revealed after he had pushed the BH over a bit with a large post. He didn’t have his sidearm with him, like he usually does, and ended up smashing it with the post.

He was very lucky to not to got bit. A few minutes before he was cleaning off the top of the mower, so he couldn’t have been more than a couple feet from it.