Wildlife in our gardens


Well, now I’m 10 times more jealous. I was hoping you’d tell me you had to hide out in the freezing snow before daylight everyday for a week to try and get this amazing shot. But no…you’re inside your warm house probably wearing Pajamas and drinking coffee and you get the shot of a lifetime out your freaking window!!! haha. Oh well…doesn’t mean it still isn’t an amazing photo-way to go!


Cheers! Coffee in my hand then, you bet. haha



We count on them here to control the rodent population. :slight_smile:


This is Florida green anole, the only anole species native to the state… we’ve got them everywhere. This one was in my grapefruit tree.


Redtail Hawk, afternoon hunting from nearby telephone pole.


Those are the primary raptor around here

They can take squirrels - I wish they’d work on that more


The smaller raptors – Cooper’s, Sharp-shinned, Merlins, Kestrels – are more adept at catching squirrels.


Here’s a visitor which rarely shows his face in the open. I hear them often but they’re always hidden in dense shrubbery.

Northern Mockingbird.



I call them nature’s garbagemen…There was a entire committee (it’s what a group of vultures hanging around are called, had to look that one up) feasting on a dead raccoon just down the street. These were some huge birds.


One raccoon won’t go too far in that crowd


no it won’t…I need go see what’s left…probably not much…


Probably just bones. We have sooooooo many vultures here nothing lasts but a day or so. I call it the Florida State Bird…I’ve been up and very close to these guys. They are even bigger in close proximity to them. Just huge! You are in Jax. aren’t you?


Well it looks like the only thing left is the fur and bones…pretty amazing how quickly they cleaned it up…yeah I’m over in Jax.


They come here in early spring and leave in the fall. You can tell as soon as they leave, the road kill lasts longer.


Our back yard on Christmas day 2017.


Wow Vincent you received alot. We had more of a dusting that didn’t stay long. What a nice treat for the holidays.


Cold winter good for fruit tree in next coming season as well Quill.



Great pics, Richard


Janet photographed the siblings hunting today :slight_smile: