Wildlife in our gardens



That staked tree to the left has a tie on it that’s constricting your tree.



Sharp eyes, Dax!


Look brutally painful! :laughing:



Good eye Dax.


Thank you Dax.
I found out and fixed it already a couple weeks ago. Be OK now.

This is my 2 years old Desert King Fig.


Here is a cardinal in my old peach tree


I had 4 adults wild turkeys walking around my yard yesterday. I will try to attach a photo, sorry about the poor quality it was cropped from a cell phone photo, they did not let me get close enough for a better photo.


p.s. you can see a couple of Canadian Geese on the pond in the background


Well, I’ll post some bird photos from over the years.

Male & Female Baltimore Orioles:

White-crowned Sparrow

Eastern Meadowlark

Dickcissel (male)

Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Phoebe

Red-bellied Woodpecker (front) Red-headed Woodpecker at feeder.

White-breasted Nuthatch

Mexican House Finch aka House Finch

A beautiful female Cardinal

More another time.



These are some old pictures prior to having a decent camera.

Pine Siskins

Eastern Towhee

Brown Thrasher

Brown-headed Cowbird

Eastern Kingbird

Sure brings back memories. Chasing birds to get a halfway decent photo at times :laughing:



I can sure relate. I used to sit quietly all day with my old movie camera to try to get a bird close-up, which might end up out-of-focus when the film finally came back from the developer. Four minutes’s worth of movies cost $10, a lot of money back then, so you had to pick and choose if you were finally close enough to the bird or not. I used to mark out pre-measured spots on branches and wait for a bird to land there. Each success became a treasure. Now it’s almost too easy!


American Kestrel

Northern Bob White

Fledgling Chipping Sparrow

Red-bellied Woodpecker Posturing at a Starling for Feeder Space

Blue Jay

Northern Mockingbird

Barn Swallow

Barn Swallow in flight

Northern Flicker

Tufted Titmouse

Gray Catbird

Juvenile American Robin

Juvenile European Starling for Comparison to Juvenile American Robin

Eastern Kingbird

Juvenile Eastern Bluebird

Red-headed Woodpeckers. I simply cannot ever get enough of these guys.

When the Red-headed first arrived I had one pair. Now I’ve seen 4-more generations.


Me too as in I still aim my camera at a branch. I have a Panasonic with built in zoom now. It’s not capable of what Richard’s camera is, but it’s pretty nice. I compared models with the same functions 3-4 years ago and the Panasonic was about 200$ less. I was able to get a pretty good photo of a Hawk two football fields away (I used Google earth) on a tripod…



we get the huge pileated woodpecker around here but I’ve never been lucky enough to find one that sits still long enough for a pic! beautiful bird!


We have them here as well, very impressive birds


Very nice shot


Talk about a flying target! But beautiful!


I love Barn Swallows. They can occupy the skies like bats here! They swoop right near me as I mow too… as bugs are being thrown into the air.

Right on Mrs. G.



One time a pair of pileateds spent time on a tree right alongside our house, so I stood in the bathtub and videotaped them out the window!


My wise old friend.


smart owl knows where its warm!