Wildlife in our gardens


No doubt, we have very little of it here, I think one or two cases in the county this year. As you say it is not supposed to transfer to humans but if your deer tests positive they want you to dispose of it like it is radioactive


New research says it is possible.


Richard, can you point me to those new tests? Last reports I had heard was that CWD wasn’t seen as transmitted to other than deer, elk and moose.


It made the news in the Health section a few days ago. I’ll see if I can dig it up on Google news.


No doubt there are dangers, I strongly considered not hunting this year. I don’t know what to do , I guess I will just evaluate the risk each year


Thanks Richard. Is this the news story you had seen:

It seems that CWD has jumped to lab monkeys who were fed CWD infected deer meat (about 30% of the way down the article). This is somewhat disturbing in that before this, word was CWD cannot infect species other than deer and their relatives, and not to primates. Hmmm.


I met a man named Michael Alpers who studied a similar prion disease (Kuru) in New Guiniea. What he told me scared me.
Read " kuru Wikipedia " not for the faint of heart
All of these prions are similar , and no one knows ( or they are not saying")
If they cross species etc . The incubation period can be long 20yr or so.
Europe had a large exposeer to mad cow in the 1980s , and it is just about time for this to show it self, and in fact they are high in Alzheimer’s type dementia.
Once one infected cow goes through the meat plant,according to Mr, Alpers it cannot be disinfected , and possibly contaminat what follows.
And what did you have for dinner ?
Me ? Venison . From my garden !


Janet has been practicing taking photos of insects …


I enjoy taking photos of honey bees, they usually are so distracted by nectar or pollen that they let you get very close. Sometimes just when I am ready to snap a picture they will fill up and take off lol. What flower is that Richard?


Orange milkweed


“What flower is that Richard ?”

Looks like Asclepias curassavica



Asclepias curassavica



I love how the earthworm is bigger than the snake! :laughing:


I want the fox.


The mantis pics are awesome


That’s a lot of baby mantis, nice pictures!


The dogs caught a little black snake in the yard this weekend. He was not more than 8-12". I didn’t see any puncture marks on him, so hopefully he survives. I used a shovel to carefully carry him out of the yard and away from the dogs, one of which wanted to continue playing with it.


Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?



Redtail chowing down on a vole or gopher from one of our neighbors’ property.