Wildlife in our gardens


Got this GIANT HAWK on a game camera the other day. I hear these are some separate breed of your regular hawk. Ive seen him before and know there’s a couple of them here but was still surprised at how enormous he is!file-1


Sharp-shinned Hawk at a distance, and Redtail Hawk diving out of tree.

Sharp-shinned Hawk 2018-02-05


Scrub Jay perched on a brazilian pepper tree.


Purple finch


And cardinals, In a wild rose bush , my wife took these with a new lens I bought her for Christmas


And a jay


Blue jays are unquestionably one of the pretties of all songbird but boy are they arseholes. lol. My neighbor feeds birds all winter long and it’s comical to watch the blue jays strut in there and direct traffic around the feeder. Even the cardinals are easily intimidated by the jays.


only the crows and ravens put them in their place. I’ve heard they destroy other birds nests!


Out here it is the western orioles that out them in their place. Not that the orioles are bossy – they just won’t put up with it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Years ago I witnessed a red tailed hawk capture and devour a blue jay. Talk about a racket.


Crow vs. Hawk


I’ve seen red tails scare off crows that were mobbing smaller raptors, pretty neat that they look out for the little guys.


Janet captured the following on her camera today … an incoming bee, a Gulf Fritillary butterfly on Cleveland’s Sage, and a Monarch butterfly with Ladybug on yellow milkweed :slight_smile:


Two hummingbirds sharing one of our fountains this morning :slight_smile:



Spectacular photos @Richard. Please don’t tell me those photos were taken with a smart phone.:smile:


Janet took them with her Pentax. The lens was at 2-6m and shutter speed 2000.


Hummingbird peek-a-boo :slightly_smiling_face:



Yikes, I was expecting a photo of a bird. Cool photo though