Wildlife in our gardens


That would keep me out of my orchard! Who do you call? Or do you just shoot?


They don’t stay long, only once was a warning shot required. Generally, it means you have to stop feeding the birds, they love the seed. That and I have to be sure to take my compost bucket to the compost pile regularly.


Where do you live?


Southern Adirondacks, 20 miles north of Utica, NY.


we have a lot of them in n. maine also. see more of them than moose and deer combined esp. come spring.


Believe it or not I see more bear and they are more of a nusance than raccoons and possums here I N. Florida. I have dozens of bear pics on my cameras.


Mockingbird on neighbor’s loquat tree.


they’re pretty destructive here too. dirty grills , dumpsters and bird feeders get hit hard in the spring.


That is a great picture! Do you worry about them trying to get into the house?


No, they’re not that aggressive. If they’re around it’s because something is drawing them in (bird seed, compost, garbage not secured properly). We did have one on the deck one night looking in the window while we watched TV. I felt like we were on TV!


The Food channel? :wink:


found this guy hanging in my meyer lemon…maybe he’ll help keep some of the pests at bay…


He blends in so well with the leaves, it took me a bit to spot him. I was also looking for a bird, which helped in the camouflage lol.

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!


yeah, he’s a Florida green tree frog…unfortunately, in a lot of areas down here they’re getting crowded out by the much more aggressive Cuban tree frog which are considered invasive…


5 deers visited our place today.


I hope they didn’t find your fruit trees.


That is my new place 1.24 acreage, I don’t have much fruit trees there yet, but very soon and I have to fence around until fruit trees getting tall.


Aaack! We have a small population in the surrounding woods, but ours are too shy for that, thank goodness. My little dog would do all he could to try to scare a bear away, I just know it.


Bees are back…Was trying to get a picture of this guy on my orange tree and he kept dive bombing me…guess it would bother me too if someone was taking pictures of me while I was eating…


Much happiness to you in your new home. Did you move your trees or will you start over?