Wildlife in our gardens


This guy was just sitting there one night



Garden friend!


I keep on throwing tree frogs out of my pool. I get brown leopard types too. For many years I wondered what that noise was in the trees. Then I finally saw one as it chirped. They don’t sound quite like a regular frog. They hang out in the trees and go swimming after dark.


I just came out on the deck to enjoy a cocktail and there was a bear down below. Last night they tore apart my birdfeeders. A couple nights ago one visited a few homes along our road at 3am, it woke me up and I watched it for a while until it climbed on our deck railing (2nd story) and was walking around on it. We finally discharged a pistol to scare it off (no, we didn’t shoot the bear). Word around the neighborhood is we have 2 juveniles causing a bit of trouble.


Too close forcomfort!


We have coyotes and my property backs on to a pond and marsh where packs of them live. I’ve been taking my puppy to my orchard twice a day. It is only enclosed with hidden fencing on two sides. Last evening I spotted huge coyote Skat in my orchard. The coyotes have eaten four small dogs in the area. Scared the poop out if me, so took new puppy inside. So much for enjoying my orchard!


Thank goodness you saw it so you know not to trust letting her run in there!! Living rural like I do I worry about coyotes with my little dog. They pretty much stay in the woods but just another reason I keep a pack of dogs on my place…and a donkey!



I love donkeys too!


That’s too bad that they’ve gotten into your orchard. They have very little fear of humans out where I am. When they see you, they do not take off and flee, but rather sit and watch, only reluctantly giving up the right of way if they are on or near a trail. A couple of years ago I was out running on a trail with Shadow and I spotted a coyote along a ridgeline near us. As it came down the slope, the trail I was on meandered near it. It was about 50yds up the slope from the trail and just stood there watching as we came closer. When I drew opposite of it, I stopped, picked up a rock and hucked it at the coyote. THey should fear us more! Anyways, up a good slope, decent distance and I do not have the strongest throwing arm, so the rock fell short (and probably a bit off-line…) So the coyote just watched the rock and I could see it going “That all you got?” With that, it slowly turned and wandered away from the trail.

I’ve had a few other encounters with them and am always seeing Nextdoor posts about missing dogs/cats. They have become quite the pests. Thankfully none in my backyard. Yet.


I’ve learned to keep corn well away from my camper and it seems to satisfy the bears. I’m way out in the country and they are very skittish about humans. I’ve only ever once seen any signs of bear around my camper. I’m with you on the screen tactics though. I have resigned myself to the fact they are here. I have a camera picture with 5 there at once. 2 males a momma and 2 Cubs. Now coyotes…that’s different. Dead on sight here. Unbelievably destructive animal and will kill anything that doesn’t kill it. I’ve seen deer carcass obviously having been surrounded by a group of coyotes from the trampled grass around the carcass. They will definitely eat your family pet. I even bought thermal to keep the population down hunting them at night. Go out and call one night. You may be shocked how many are there and how close they really are. Very Wiley animal too…very smart.


Coyote’s eat rabbits, deer, and rodents. I wish the neighbors didn’t kill them.


That’s certainly your call. Florida and many other states have totally open season on them. No restrictions no reduced season. And with good cause. They will also come directyin your backyard and on your porch and eat your dog, cat or small child as well.


I don’t recall hearing of any human deaths to coyotes in our region.

We don’t have pets or livestock, so I don’t have that visceral concern. Perhaps I’d feel differently if I did. I do have a young daughter, and I wouldn’t have her outside by herself at dusk or night.


Until they eat your dog.


They ate my cat, but that’s how it goes in the food chain. We’re overrun with rabbits here this year, and that’s what the coyotes take care of. Useful animals


Wish I could be as strong as you Lois! :heart:


If you have a cat that you let out, you have to know this might happen. The cat was a hunter, the coyote was a hunter.


i peppered a fox the other day in my yard with 20 ga. birdshot. he was so far away i doubt any penetrated but the way he reacted he got the message to stay away from my birds! i aimed for his butt so i didn’t want to kill him. foxes are vole eaters and voles my mortal enemy! as long as he stays in the abandoned field near my property eating voles instead of my birds were good! :wink:


I’ll admit I have no records that indicate any sort of alarming statistics of humans of any size being attacked by coyotes. I just know how opportunistic they are and if given the chance they will take a child thinking of it as a dog , cat or any other animal. All coyotes are viscous to a serious degree. I can testify to the devistation they can bring down on population of good animals in almost every state in the country. Especially where they have unreasonable limits on hunters and believe they have to protect every animal alive. It’s proven over and over hunters are the best conservationist and if just left many animals will over populate to a degree of not having enough resources for them to eat. In some places the cute little deer are so overly protected they stand in fields and starve. I’m not hateful about conservation I just think some places don’t look upon hunting as a form of conservation. I do. That’s all. And coyotes are very high on my list for eradication.