Wildlife in our gardens


i agree! deer go to thick protected swamps in the winter called yards here. in deep snow winters the deer follow trails to ease getting around en masse. coyotes attack them from the side to force them to jump off the trail into the deep snow, then eat them alive! coyotes are lighter so they don’t sink as much as the deer do. a thaw and refreeze or a ice layer on top of the snow will allow them to kill off a whole yard of deer in a winter! many times they will kill them even when they just made a kill that same day! they are opportunistic and so am i if i see one!


In my backyard:

Outside of my front door 3am


We have coyotes in our woods, but you rarely see them. They are the big Eastern kind mixed with wolves, so it’s always startling when you do see one. They chase the deer in the fields at night, my neighbor says.

But we can’t have small animals out at night anyway here. Our bobcats are big and eat cats and such :frowning: Or kill them (for fun?) during mating seasons at least. I used to think I liked bobcats, but not anymore!


We shoot Bobcats too. We have quite an abundance of them in Florida. Some big some not so Big. I have one that’s been done by a Taxidermist on a table greeting you when you walk in my camper. I don’t know if it’s true but I’ve heard they are one of few cats that kill for fun. Not always just to eat. Quite a season for them here too…November 1st. through last day of March… I see them regularly while out hunting at night. My wife told me not to tell her if i shoot one…She’s a Cat Lover…So am I but Bobcats are different then my pets…


i hunted s. PA awhile back. theres nearly as many deer there as people!


I have lived in this place for almost 20 yrs, we do occasionally see a deer runs through and we see traces of foxes. But, just within the last few weeks, Fox and deer start to show up regularly. Fox shows up every night screaming, and this deer just come to eat the wild mulberry everyday.


Deer raid gardens. Coyotes raid deer. I’m fine with that.


The biggest problem with our coyotes is that I live in a city. No guns allowed for shooting wildlife in your back yard. Our ponds and marshes are protected. We are also overrun with deer. Our area is not rural.


In our area coyotes keep mice and rats in check so they are a good thing. Everything is in balance here but yes they certainly will eat cats, small dogs etc… we accept things.


@clarkinks- I have plenty of snakes here for that… @mrsg47…I get the whole being in the city thing. You can’t just go shooting things with people around. I do believe though that you see those animals in the city because they are overpopulated and can get an easy meal in the city. The biggest problem is when they start losing fear of humans…People get hurt then. We have people here that feed the bears though they can get a HUGE fine for it then they have to call wildlife for a Nuisance bear then the bear has to be shot with a Dart and repopulated in the Ocala National forest and now the forest is over run with bear where people take their kids to camp… Vicious cycle started by Humans… Don’t get me wrong. I love all the animals…They just can’t lose their fear of humans…They will be dangerous then.


I’m having trouble following your logic. Kill all the coyotes and wolves, then when the deer population explodes, kill them too.


I think coyotes may be a little different in different places. We see them every night and they eat opossums, raccoons etc. as well it’s just nature and I don’t interfere. We grew up with a system already in balance if the coyotes population goes up disease wipes them out. If cat population goes up coyotes wipe them out. If deer population goes up mountain lions eat them if there is not enough coyote. You get the ideal. The significant difference we have is that our rodent population cannot be controlled by snakes alone because we raise grains here. The leftover grains increase rodent populations. Bobcats etc. help to control rodents. Our rabbit population is huge.


Coyotes are welcome in my neighborhood.


I never mentioned wolves. Ever. I never said kill ALL the Coyotes. I said Hunters are conservationist. There is no logic to kill all, kill all, kill all, furthermore that isn’t even remotely what i said. I did say they need to be harvested just as many other animals do for the best environment for them and us. Ordinarily in a wildlife population only the strong would survive. In some animal populations they will even kill there own when weak. But that would be without a human population. With a human population and with us being ever more increasingly encroaching on their habitats it needs managed. That does not equate to Kill, Kill, Kill… that equates to proper harvesting. In every state we pay hundreds if not thousands of specialist to figure that all out for us. Sometimes i agree sometimes i don’t but I ALWAYS adhere to the laws in every situation. I am well enough acquainted with wildlife individuals to understand the need for seasons. For instance. The population of Alligator here in Florida was so heavily harvested at one point you couldn’t even hook an alligator while fishing without concern you would be prosecuted. They totally protected them. Now the population being bigger than it ever has been and many more humans in Florida ( BTW if there is water here there is an alligator no matter where you are) the Fish AND Wildlife has established a season and issues tags and manages the harvest. Wise in My opinion.


Bears are a dangerous animal. They WILL attack and kill humans. I get nervous when I’m in their vicinity


Yes they will and i never mess with them. I have been very close to them at night time and they have always run. I will not take any chance though. I carry a weapon big enough to kill a bear if it were to be to aggressive. And i hope i am quick enough because bear are MUCH faster than most people realize. Regardless of what you think of my conversation here I have a VERY healthy respect for all animals… Some maybe even more than others. I know people who think it’s cute to have a raccoon as a pet? I think it’s foolish…But that’s just me. Also…We only have Black bear. No Brown. They are known to be much less aggressive…I will still never take the chance. The strength of a bear is incredible.


Sorry, just to add. I have absolutely no experience with wolves. But from what i have read they are nothing even remotely like coyotes. They hunt completely different, live completely different and breed far less than coyotes. I may even be wrong about some of that but I do know they cannot be compared in any way , shape or form.


Many people here feed the coyotes, that is the biggest problem. They are being encouraged to go into a neighbors yard and take what they want. They have no fear. Its all maddening !:face_vomiting:


I’ve watched people on TV here whining about the Bears and Coyotes eating there pets and then the TV show plays videos of them feeding the animals…It’s pure madness. There was a guy over in Orlando that thought the Peacocks would be so cool to feed…They literally eventually ran him out of the neighborhood because he would not stop even after seeing the tens of thousands of dollars of damage they did to houses, yards, screened enclosure, pools etc…It was purely Unbelievable


Yeah, I’ve seen with my own eyes how our big bobcat has done massacres – just snapped necks and moved on. He probably wasn’t interrupted every single time, so that’s not hunger. That’s one bobcat I’d like to wear as a winter hat!

His scat and prints were always obvious when he was nearby. It’s been ages now, tho. Maybe he died.

Hey, I think Eastern coyotes might be more skittish than Western because of their wolf blood? Just a theory, but mine do always run to the woods if you catch them outside of them, even with my dogs on leashes. My new neighbor swore one big guy here was an actual wolf, but no :slight_smile: Just a big ole grey coyote!