Wildlife in our gardens


Very nice details in those pics. Digital photography has really made strides in just a few years. I was really into film photography years ago, mostly landscapes and scenic shots. When digital cameras came onto the scene, I said I’d never stop using my Nikon film SLR. Boy, has that opinion changed. Now even a lot of phones have extraordinary cameras on them, it’s astounding.


Janet took that picture with her Pentax K5 and a Pentax 18mm lens.


Miraculous little critters, hummingbirds are. Some of things they can do defy explanation.


… defy common experience.


Mine know I’m responsible for filling the feeder and if the nectar has turned or needs to be filled they get right in my face and let me know about it, chirping away 2 or 3 feet from my face. Pretty cool!


Imitation nectar and nectar substitutes can become infected by a single bird the day you put it out.


Full sets of feathers have emerged from under the down on the babies …


This is just a spectacular photo. Janet should send this into the Audubon Society.


Janet has found many expert birders here:


Mama and the chicks :slight_smile:


Now they’re about 3/4 the size of Mom :slight_smile:


Looks like they’re just about ready to fledge. Hummingbirds fledge at about age 3 weeks, so within the week they’ll be off and flying on their own, and mom will be getting ready to lay a new clutch in that nest!



It’s amazing to see how much the nest has stretched out to accommodate the growing babies. They look so mature now. Amazing also, is how fast their little beaks are stretching out!


It amazes me how quickly they grow. Thanks for posting the beautiful pics. I’ve heard Spring is coming yet Winter is gripping us pretty firmly here. Temps are ranging from mid 30sF to mid 40sF.




You should put all the photos in time lapse.



Ready for take-off!


About how far away from the nest was your wife,when she took the pictures? Brady


OMG, on the launching pad. I think you may have a male and female there. So cool!