Wildlife in our gardens


15 feet with a 450mm lens.

Yes, so excited :slight_smile:

This morning they were flying about in the yard with Mama giving a tour of the plants and fountains. :blush:


Some photos of the fledglings this afternoon:


Having 3 kids 19 to 23 I recognize that look on the fledglings faces, its something like, "you mean you’re not bringing me all my food anymore? I have to go out and WORK to find it?!


They might be a little bit spoiled in my yard. It well may be a shock when they arrive in summer territory.



Uh-oh! Hide, baby hummers!


Big Red-Tailed Hawk! Very awesome photo in full wingspread. Tell Janet this is awesome.


not exactly wildlife but:


Oh darling!! Border Collie or Aussie??

Patty S.


I’ll share one of my favorite photos I like to call… Determination.


I have a Border Collie/Boxer mix. Very smart, very athletic and lots and lots of energy. She does get into everything. I have the raised veggie beds fended off with some cheap wire fence to keep her out. Last week I fertilized a bunch of my fruit trees with some newly bought fish emulsion. I dug down a few inches, placed a table spoon or so of fertilizer in the hole and then covered it up with dirt and newly placed mulch. She found about half of them and dug them up, no doubt attracted by the smell. I covered the holes and scolded her, but she’s dug up some of the holes a 2nd and 3rd time. So wire fence around a newly planted Pixie mandarin and large rocks over a couple of other sites, we’ll see if this works…
Crazy mutt! That is her in my avatar photo next to my son.

edit: Minor word edit.


I have two Aussies. One is very low key, laid back. The other is more typical of the breed, a little more energetic. But, both are very good boys. Neither of them are interested in my garden, with a couple of exceptions - they will pick up dropped apples (and we’re sorry for that later on, as it gives them terrible gas, lol!), and Cooper was sniffing around my strawberries, so going to have to tell him, “No”.


Evening scouts hoping to breach the orchard fence.


Those two look pretty hungry. I bet your orchard would be delicious. Good for the fence.


In November I ran into the yard to scare away a moose who was munching my raspberry bushes. The moose promptly chased me back across the yard, then returned to the raspberries. Moose can run fast, but I was pretty quick that day too.


You know, they have to defend their food​:grinning:, they live though life,:grin:


No doubt due to the Rocky & Bullwinkle show, people tend to have a much kinder, gentler image of moose than they should. Moose are big and pretty used to getting their way. They will attack and kill predators (dogs, coyotes), and are more than willing to chase any perceived threat off (e.g. you or a kid).

The local dept of wildlife has suggestions for chasing moose away from your property (fog horns, bags of rocks thrown at it), but they always recommend caution. And offer to relocate any moose who is being aggressive around people.


Border Collie. She is the newest addition to the family. Her older sibling is a collie/border collie mutt. The two chicks are Rhode Island Reds and somewhere around them are two Pekin ducklings.


Our border collie is obnoxious with her digging. I need to get it out of her for the sake of our lawn and our ankles.


Border collies can be OCD , we had one when I was a kid that would gather rocks from the woods and put them all over the lawn. Not just a few but hundreds. Every time you mowed you had to pick them all up and week later he would have them all back.