Wildlife in our gardens


I kind of know how you feel. My kids sometimes thought I was so mean not to let them have a pet when they were young. I didn’t want to tell them I wouldn’t know what to do if I get attached to a pet and then it dies, the animal’s lifespan is much shorter than human. I preferred not to have to face it.
When my daughter was little, there was a tiny grasshopper on the guava tree. She named it “George” and came out every late afternoon to talk to him. George liked the young guava leaves and ate a lot, but the guava tree was still little. One day I moved him to the mandarin tree next to it. He didn’t eat anything that day so I put him back onto the guava tree. My daughter kept visiting him everyday until he wasn’t there anymore. She was heart broken. I let her have two red ear sliders later because they can live a long life. They are still here with us.


It is very hard to lose pets but they give you soooo much in their lifetime that it is worth it! Especially if you rescue one from a shelter and give them someone to love!!


Find a few friendly snakes!


Ringnecks! I love those little boogers


The Cardinal somehow like to hang out in my fig pots area.


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If you are going so far as posting photos of ticks i am going to post photos of my cats death art addition to my garden!


Say hello to my little friends! Lol


This guy hated me coming near. But he couldn’t resist the dessert!


A few visitors today


Anyone can identify this little guy?JCS_2060 JCS_2059 JCS_2055 JCS_2053 JCS_2052


Looks like an ash throated flycatcher.


It’s a little blurry but he has a fly in his mouth here. Or maybe some other bug but I think it’s a fly…The Hummingbird came back too…


A osprey with two ckicks nesting by a friends house. Dad just finished bringing home an ineresting fish for their lunch. May 29 12:30. Live cam


Hunting…JCS_2066 JCS_2065 JCS_2064


image image

Cicadas making their return.


Nasty noisy suckers…


Nice looking oak snake almost got destroyed by the mower. Glad I saw him at the last second…


He looks too much like a copperhead to suit me.


Not near as pretty as a copperhead lol.