Wildlife in our gardens


Put a trail cam on a woodpecker hole this week. Unfortunately, I think the starling is winning the battle.


I agree. The warm weather birds are arriving now. I heard wood thrushes and saw barn swallows for the first time this year on Wednesday. Can’t wait to hear the orioles again.


Working hard on the Lantana…


threes a crowd. :wink:


Just walked through …


We watched a deer and coyote playing chase for about 5 minutes this morning in 6 acres of crop field that we just pulled plastic mulch and driptape from.
Deer chasing the coyote! Wild!


Scarlet Tanager arrived in my yard last week and seems to be settling in. He’s so far evaded a decent photograph. I almost hope there isn’t a female nearby because my resident cowbirds will parasatize her nest.


Seen cruising overhead looking for breakfast this morningJCS_1984 JCS_1981 JCS_1985


This guy finally showed up. At one point today we had the Oriole, Rose Breasted Grossbeak, and Indigo Bunting in the feeder at the same time.


Six different kinds of aphids :smile:

I identified the two most interesting ones :sweat_smile:


That deer is probably protecting her young or territory.


This made me chuckle, thx :laughing:


Nope, they were playing…running around and around, hopping fence into riparian bufferstrip then back out into plowed field. I’ve seen deer play with one another that way, but not with a coyote…
Does would not yet have fawns on the ground here yet.


That would be very strange.


I agree. I’d never seen it before… but it was pretty evident, from what we could see, that it was ‘play’…
Now, did the coyote feel threatened? IDK. While wife and I are both veterinarians, neither of us are Dr. Doolittle.


A couple Scarlett Tanagers were spotted in our yard today. It’s not a great shot even though they let us walk up close to them.


Wildlife is where you find it.


I love the intricate pattern on the wings


I had a huge garden spider build a web inside a door frame. I watched it for several weeks. I leave for work every morning about 6 and she would be reworking her web at that hour. One afternoon I came home and the web was demolished, the garden spider was hanging on to the side of the door sill mortally wounded and the culprit was caught in the remainder of the web…a big dragonfly. I freed him from the web and he was on his way…my lovely spider had fluids leaking from her body and she soon died away… :flushed::flushed::flushed::cry::cry::cry:. She was really big and I’m sure that was a battle to watch. I’m glad I didn’t see it though.


Really sad. It reminds me of the “Charlotte’s Web” I read with my kids when they were little.