Wildlife in our gardens


What, you don’t like my snake eating a toad?


These cattle egrets are often with our horses eating insects stirred up by grazing. There were a couple sitting on my muscadine trellis. One flew when I tried to get close enough for photo. I hope they don’t eat grapes…


Toads are useful creatures - as are snakes


I thought about saving the toad. I like the toads. Then I figured not to intervene. We have lots of frogs that get in my pool. I like that the snake is around.


The larvae is a horned worm. The dreaded tomato worm.


Pictures just don’t do him justice…meet Gus!


Looks like Gus is a Maine coon. Ive seen some over 25 lbs. You can tell by the M on the forehead.



wow, even relaxed, he looks so alert!


Ah! He looks predatory, what does he catch? At that size, he should take rabbits.


Gus is welcome to come hunt in my backyard and finally get that rabbit!


Loving those snake pics- pretty cool to catch him in the middle of a meal! Always amazed how they can eat things larger than you’d think. A few years ago I was one of many people who fell for that fake photo going around the internet showing an anaconda cut open with a man inside…one of the best fake news photos EVER! But yours is real.


He catches love…he is a big ole love bug and whiner. hehe

He is scared of his own shadow. Quite comical that my little 5lbs ragdoll beats the fuzz outta him!


Here are some bull frogs in my pond. One day I counted 5 large ones in or near my pond, but these two stood out. They were gigantic! Ok, so I exaggerated a little😛 but they are really big!

Can you tell what is in the picture below?

It’s baby rabbit with it’s head completely severed !

Even though it was found outside of my bedroom door on second floor, I am fairly certain it was from my garden. So it’s still related to the theme of this thread, right?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My husband said it’s an early mother’s day present from one of my cats.:rage:

Guess we will never know from which one.

It reminds me of this cartoon😄


This was in greenhouse. Pretty moth. Much prettier than the mother of the larva that ate my juju seedling!

Just identified: Common Buckeye Butterfly


It’s amazing how beautiful the colors and patterns can be.


Here’s a Hooded Oriole taking off from a branch of our White Sapote tree :slight_smile:



Great shot, beautiful bird!


Chasing all wildlife away from my garden too bad.


All the warm weather here I didn’t put my oriole feeder out until 1/2 an hour ago. I’ve been staring thru a sliding door in my home for 1/2 hour and there he is. I knew it wouldn’t take long. Orioles abundant here.

Setting up my camera an Eastern bluebird flew right on my deck. Wish my oriole feeder wasn’t so far away to get this kind of photo quality.