Wildlife in our gardens


They’re working hard but be careful with your new friend .



absolutely love these pictures!!


Monarchs! Well pre-monarchs!..:wink:


On milkweed no less!


I was checking for milkweed too. The milkweed out here doesn’t look like that, so I was thinking it wasn’t.


Species of Asclepias


They’d better stay off my asclepias, of which only 2 overwintered and are yet too small for depredation.

They can have the syriaca and incarnata


Dust on the leaves is from nearby masonry construction. :slight_smile:


But syriaca is an asclepia … Asclepias syriaca.


[facepalm] I saw your photo and was thinking of A tuberosa, which I am babying here


Welcome visitors…some of my neighbor’s guinea fowl.

Not a great picture but they move pretty fast if you’re trying to get close to them. And this is probably why they move fast…


That dog is having a blast…great shot of his hind legs/feet…!!


He’s a wire dachshund…his front legs were prob off the ground also. :joy: Sometimes they chase him… :flushed:


Last night, I was sitting on my patio with a laptop. Around midnight I heard an animal moving nearby, I thought it was my cat. When I looked at it, it was a skunk! It just walked through the patio (which was well lit by the way), maybe five feet from my chair, looked at me and went away. For a moment, I was scared it will spray me, but it didn’t seem to be disturbed a bit by my presence.


:grinning: I love the dog on the attack :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Great pictures Richard!


Let sleeping snakes ly,


Funny you should mention snakes. We caught this fellow sidling up the hill the other day. My wife wanted to run over it with the lawn mower, but I said let it go, it will eat the mice and other varmits. It’s not poisonous, think it’s a king or rat snake, or maybe a black racer.


That’s what snakes are good for


You can sometimes see 3 or 4 rabbits at a time in our yard. I wish the neighbors didn’t kill the coyotes.

Yesterday I was mowing the weeds close in my wood chip mulch and unearthed a salamander: