Wildlife in our gardens


Those were creepy, I had them living under rocks and soil in gardens in Maine. Some had yellow spots others bright green!!!


We saw a California Thrasher in our garden today but didn’t have camera ready.


No words…


I hope those don’t invade like JB’s!


They’re not pests, essentially harmless creatures.


Isn’t that a rhinoceros beetle?


I had never seen one before so I guess he could be. He was VERY strong and I hope he’s not a pest because I moved him from trying to come in the back door of my hospital (certain death) to out in the grass (second chance). He def did not like me though…


I’ve read that they are the world’s strongest creature - dunno how true that is


It was trouble to hold on to him…of course taking pics at the same time…but his legs left dents in my fingers where he was pushing against me and I’d hate to think what those pincers would do… he was a good two inches long not counting legs. In that profile photo it looks like he is sticking his tongue out…surely they don’t have TONGUES???


This is the closest ID I’ve found–a variety of rhinoceros beetle.


Likely a measure of strength per body weight. :slight_smile:


Yes. Supposedly can carry 850 x their body weight. (With only minimal increase in metabolism! I’ve been reading up… :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::rofl:)


My girl’s love butterflies, especially the younger one and we’ve always had monarchs. This year I went a little crazy with the milk weed this year. Probably won’t ever need to plant it again as it propagates pretty well down here. I now have sections of my yard where it comes back on it’s own. There were probably a dozen or more just on these two plants.


LOL! All our “weeds” are escapees from flower beds.


I found this beauty hanging out on one of my fig trees. Not sure of the variety.


Wow, that is quite the infestation of monarch caterpillars you have there. :wink::grin:


If you like pics of bald eagles here are some I took nearby last spring when the eagles (bald, golden and red tail hawks) were visiting…




That is cool!!! :eagle:


Calling Alfred Hitchcock!


There were literally hundreds of Bald Eagles mostly in the South Delta area this spring. Everywhere you looked there were “BIRDS!!!” but big eagles, hawks and blue herons, not little sparrows, pigeons and gulls. It was cool. Apparently they like it here where its safe, nobody is shooting them (except with cameras and smartphones), and they can find enough to eat.

We have another place further north called Brackendale where the eagles congregate during the autumn and early winter to feast on the salmon run.