Will fall-budded buds swell at the same time as the tree budded to?

I budded in the fall for the 1st time in 2017. Both T-bud and chip buds. They seemed to callous well (except a couple) and they had parafilm covering them all winter until our Feb warm spell. I took it off then and inspected them.

I did sour to sweet cherry and also to sour cherry. Those trees are all budding out now: swollen greenish leaf buds.

The dormant scionwood buds I put on them look good, but they look the same. No greenish color there yet at all, and they aren’t as big now as the tree’s buds…

Do they usually act just like the tree’s own buds and swell at the same time? Or can they take longer to wake up?

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I forced mine by cutting off the growth above them when @fruitnut gave a tutorial on tbud grafting. 696B3951-BBA1-4ED5-93F9-E669351E5FD2C9C9FF4E-E67C-4830-B721-96356F4183924E884F5C-F59D-4BF7-9AB8-C98E81679B41


Yours look great!

I did mine on the top of strong branches, so I don’t have anymore to cut above them. The buds swelling are all lower down.

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Mine grew into a tree now. @fruitnut did a great tutorial http://www.growingfruit.org/t/t-budding-tutorial/6167/41 Which I think will answer about anything you want to know about tbud grafting. That’s where I learned and I tried it a couple of times with fantastic results. I did this tbud graft in July of 2016. Here is a photo overview. Pictures for some reason always get shuffled out of order but these photos give you the process start to finish and it’s now been nearly 2 years ago since I initially grafted.


That is so exciting!! Great pictures.

I definitely saw @fruitnut 's great tutorial and that’s how I tried my T-buds. I wasn’t good at it at first, but by the fall batch I tried, things seemed to go together well. The first batch had bark not slipping well enough, but I didn’t know for sure until I did the later ones :slight_smile:

I’m afraid my buds might have attached but dried out for some other reason. Maybe I should have replaced the parafilm in Feb when I took it off. I guess I just have to wait and see!

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I’ve not fall budded sweet cherry, but I fall bud quite a few peaches every year. On peaches, the grafted buds are generally pretty slow to wake up. Generally much slower than the non-grafted buds below. A few never wake up and grow, but mostly they are just very slow.

I do pinch off the non-grafted shoots as they grow. I don’t know if this helps or not. I think this year I’ll let a few of the budded trees produce a few shoots below the grafted bud, and wait longer to pinch them off, to see if it makes a difference.

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