Will Hardy Kiwis Pollinate Fuzzies?


I just planted two Ken’s Red kiwis on my trellis. The Mrs. is taking off really well, and the Mr., not so much. Oh well, boys are late bloomers. I also have a potted fuzzy kiwi of unknown gender which I grew from seeds from a walmart kiwi. It’s about two-three years old, and should probably flower soon. Once I determine its gender, will I need to buy another fuzzy for it? Also, can Anna kiwi pollinate with Ken’s Red? I’d like to get another variety, but don’t have the room for another male and another female.


Great questions, I’m pulling up a chair.


Ken’s Red is female.


I ordered from burpee, and the kiwis came labeled as hardy male and female. I guess the pollinator is well suited for a Ken’s red. I guess I just need to know whether any hardy male will pollinate any hardy female.


I think the confusion may be that sellers offer a Ken’s Red male pollinator. I’m not sure if this is a specific male cultivar and if it is sufficient to pollinate anything other than Ken’s Red Female. Other sellers will just offer a hardy male as a pollinator. This may just be a marketing gimmick.