Williams Pride

WP looks perfect.

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I had a late very deep freeze of 16F that wiped out 99% of my apples blooms. But, Williams pride somehow still produced some apples in multiple places. Pristine made some too. Possibly just a numbers game where those two make way too many blooms… but I’ll take it! Some apples is better than zero apples :slight_smile: I added some organza bags to the clean WP this morning because the many bugs are concentrating on the few apples that were produced. There was one WP that looked red enough to me, and instead of bagging it, I ate it. Maybe could have ripened a bit more, but it was good enough for me!



Did you spray your WP with any sort of fungicide or insecticide? Just curious since they look cloudy.

Mine have that type of bloom, too, and I don’t spray apart from horticultural oil in the winter.


I spray with surround.


One fell this morning. I think it is two weeks too early for me.

No Surround was used. In a ziplock plastic bag.

After shining it.


My William’s Pride (on M26) has been in the ground for 5 years and I finally got a good harvest this year. I don’t know why but every year previous has been problematic, mostly in that the apples just tasted bad. They were either flavourless with heavy watercore, or way too tart with no sugar. I was ready to remove the tree if I got another bad year, but it managed to prove (save) itself.

This year the apples were delicious, and huge. I still can’t get over the size and the intense dark red skin. Posting some pics. The last pic is a very late harvested WP apple compared with a tomato from the garden.