World record for most fruits on one tree

Saw this article today. Apparently, the record is 5 species on one tree, all Prunus. Surely, someone on here has more than that? I’m thinking you could easily beat that by going the pear route: E. pear, A. pear, quince, medlar, Aronia, rowan, shipova, Winter Banana apple. Maybe more!


Now that’s just silly. The “journalist” is simply using this as a human interest story and taking an interesting human at his word, although it is clear it is only based on his claim.


Most of the grafts were too recent to be “bearing”. Still, an nice pastime.


He doesn’t come close to our own , Joe Real has 57 varieties then, don’t know what’s he is up to now.


Yeah, for sure! I think the key was it had to be unique species, not just named varieties.

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Lots of reporters, experts, scientists…come up with interesting filler for the tabloid press. But, upon close inspection a lot of it is bunk.

So this article is also probably not verified. There’s nothing wrong in questioning…for to not question is to be gullible.

You’d be surprised that if you write and don’t ask for money for it…how many of you can become “published”!


Well, it’s Guinness world record, so they’re not just pulling out out of nowhere. Doesn’t mean the most, of course, but the most anyone reported to them.


Do you know of Joe Real here at Growing fruit Forum? He growth the finest, lots of them.


I remember reading about this guys several years back


Too true - people in publishing are hungry for copy, and I’m sure not all of them are particularly fussy. If you’ve got something that’s put together with coherent sentences and doesn’t slander or libel you’ve got a chance of becoming “published”.

You can see the results in some of the fluff that shows up in news feeds. People write some kind of informative piece they’ve stuffed with stuff they’ve read about, but you can tell that they have no hands-on experience. String enough words together and somebody’ll buy it. It’s filler. It’s cheap or free and it gets printed!


Where’s the proof that what he says he’s grafted to those trees are the real deal? I can’t even find any proof that he has actually talked to anyone at the GWR office. I will say that there are a lot of articles written (or re-posted) about this on other sites. Still doesn’t make it true.

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Like someone mentioned I can find a article of 40 types of fruit on CNN. I have found many articles that are wrong with a little bit of research. I remember the Guinness book of records was just a bunch of stuff they could sell to kids. Here is the article on CNN

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Sadly being a Guiness world record doesn’t mean a great deal. The Guiness world record for the tallest dandelion isn’t even a species of Taraxacum:

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I want to find out who is willing to pay me $30,000 to graft one tree and quit my day job. :joy:


Hello everyone
Thank you for discussing my grafted tree

Just wanted to clarify something
First of all I have grafted 10 different varieties of Stone fruits but the Guinness book of records they don’t except different varieties, they accept only different species for this records, that’s why they awarded me with five only.

second things I want to clarify that’s is wasn’t easy to get awarded, it’s a very hard application to submit and hard process.

They have send a professor in agriculture from Melbourne university and a Botanical specialist in agriculture from university of London and 6 more agricultures specialist to verify and study and witness the tree from different places before they came up with their decision.

If you have any questions for my I’m happy to answer it.
And I will leave you a link to have look at the tree.

Kind regards
Hussam saraf


Dear Hussam, welcome to our community. I hope you don’t think we’ve been criticizing your tree, which was described much differently in the article than by you. SPECIES in a tree is different than varieties and fruit growers don’t have much incentive to compete in that effort, although many trees we purchase are already of two separate species, such as apricots grafted to peach roots.

I doubt your record would last long it it begins a competition involving a lot of experienced grafters, but so what? It was very creative of you to turn your grafting hobby into a news story and use it to promote world peace.

I’m sure we all would love for that goal to be served by your efforts.


Welcome to the forum Hussam, and congratulations on the new record!! Sometimes bureaucracy and red tape are the most challenging parts of a project, as I’m sure you have discovered with the process you just completed.

Thank you for bringing the topic of fruit growing and grafting to the main stage, it’s a great story and a much needed positive one in the world we are experiencing together currently. Please continue to visit and share your knowledge with the community as you are able. I’m sure there is much for us to learn from you as well as some knowledge that is helpful to you.





Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your worlds record. I’m sure you will bring a wealth of knowledge to the community. Your record . Your in good company here with members here such as @Olpea A really big peach . @mamuang A really big peach - #65 by Olpea
Steve winter aka @fruitnut Greenhouse Fruit Production in West Texas | Dave Wilson Nursery
The well known and highly respected Alan haigh
The website owner and one of the best fruit growers I know @scottfsmith.
There are many others to share with and learn from in this community. Welcome!


Hi Hussam,

I hope you decide to stay and engage in this forum. We are all enthusiastic fruit growers, so you would be in good company.

I agree with you that the Guinness World Records submissions are a time consuming and very invovled process. I went through the process, but alas my record wasn’t published because a Canadian grower submitted a larger peach three weeks later.

I viewed it as a fun sort of thing and didn’t take it too seriously. Even if there are “unofficial” records which beat yours, it’s still fun to take the time to be the first one to get it in the books. I’m sure there are exceptions, but I’ve found Guinness to be very thorough to make sure the record is legit. At least when I dealt with them. Congratulations!


Well, there is fruit on all the branches; I thought it was a much longer process.

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