A really big peach

I thought maybe I had something approaching the record books, but after searching just now, I see it falls short.

According to this link Paul Friday had the world record for the largest peach in 2002 at 725 grams.


I picked a peach off a Lady Nancy tree which was 770 grams (1.7 lbs.) today. But I just now found an article which showed the world record at 30.9 ounces (1.93 lbs.)

Nevertheless, here is a pic of my “personal best”

Here’s another pic of almost as large of peach next to a nice sized cantaloupe.


That’s a monster alright…!!

Peach Monster

Amazing… Was it a single or were other fruit on the same branch? Was the tree holding a lot of fruit?

That’s awesome Alan. But the question remains, how did it taste?


The tree was a mature tree with hardly any fruit (maybe 20 peaches?) None of the huge fruit shared any peaches on the branches. They were lone peaches, which I suppose contributed to the extraordinary fruit size.

Although I’m not Alan I can answer the question. I haven’t tasted it yet. Actually I am looking into the Guinness World Records. 725 grams is the heaviest peach listed on the Guinness Website. I came across a newspaper article which indicated someone grew a heavier peach, but as far as I can tell they didn’t register it w/ Guinness.

I have filled out an application w/ Guinness, but they won’t get back to you for 3 months, unless you pay them $800, which will entice them to get back to you with an answer in 5 days. I’m not going to fork out the $800, so I’ll probably put this peach in the freezer until I hear something back.

Mark, that’s the biggest peach I’ve ever seen. Does that tree usually
produce fruit that big or was this just a freaky thing?

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Hi Ray,

That tree always produces very big fruit, but never this big. One thing I’ve noticed is that mature peach trees produce much larger fruit than younger trees, especially if the older trees have a light crop. Any tree with a heavy crop will produce smaller fruit but very large vigorous trees with a light crop produce very large fruit, almost regardless of the cultivar.

At least this is what I’ve noticed, but we have prime corn soil here with lots of rain this year.


Wow!!! That looks amazing. Like James and The Giant Peach!! I just showed it to my kids and they asked why none of my peaches were that big!! Lol. Looks like I better up my game. :slight_smile:



That’s really an impressively large peach!!!

Do these large Lady Nancy taste any different from regular size ones?

Hi Mamuang,

I haven’t tasted any of the big ones yet. There are still some big ones on the tree (if they didn’t blow off in the storm last night) so I plan to try one of those today.

I would be to proud of it to cut it! Godzilla peach!

I confer with everything you said, especially about the rain. It’s
absolutely crucial in growing large fruit. About 5 years ago, we
were fortunate to have a lot of rain all summer long, and I had some
of the biggest fruit I’ve ever grown, no matter what kind of fruit it was.
It was a bad year for watermelons though, but I guess you can’t have everything.

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Just saw the article about your peach in th KC Star. Congrats!


I also saw it!! Exciting times. That’s cool that it was also sweet and delicious!!


Holy smokes Olpea! Congrats on the new World record!

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Congrats for being the new largest peach record holder. That’s so cool.

Glad to here this variety tastes good, too.

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Thanks all. It did taste good. Lady Nancy is a good tasting peach. One of the few white peaches I like.

One of the local news stations interviewed me last night and put it on the news. They didn’t quite get the facts right, as it wasn’t a car crash which debilitated me so badly years ago. It was a very severe back injury caused on the farm.



If truth is a “Majestic” exemplary. In my opinion, the result of such a unique fruit, is due to good fruit thinning, proper pruning, phytosanitary treatments, proper subscriber, a variety of large and of course water.

That is awesome! I like the shot next to the tennis ball… a true monster.

Was the seed as big as the fruit suggests or was it a normal seed? I bought some white nectarines at Sam’s CLub that were very big (some sort of polar or arctic series) and the seeds were ginormous…clingstone too.