World's Best Mulberry - who has it?


Bryce has been super generous with spreading cuttings around and I am really curious to know how far it and wide it has gotten. I know it takes a few years before varieties become more widely available. Has this variety spread further than the US?


I’m curious to know who likes it. Most reports I’ve heard have not been good.


I have it and don’t like it.


I have a story to tell here.
I’m a crazy mulberry collector from Russia (its northern part). In 2019 I’ve bought some cuttings at eBay, which were marked as Oscar mulberry. But they came from Thailand, and you know… locals have lots of local varieties, thus why do they grow and sell Oscar?

Anyway. That variety appeared to be insanely cool. It gives fruits just at any growth since its first days (like being grafted or so). Berries have great taste even at home growing. I’ve put it to my garden (zone 4, even 3 before nowadays’ warmth) and I dunno if it manages to overwinter here (we have up to -30 degrees of Celsius and even less). The plant is dwarfish, easy to root and looks great. It has leaves of middle size, not as big as “macrophylla” variety, and all of them have same shape, no “mitten” shape or “fig-leaf” shape, with an elongated end of leaf. If what I’ve read about M. rubra x alba (it should have bigger cylindrical berries and elongated leaf end) is correct, than my “Oscar” can be such a hybrid.

Anyway, I guess it can be the same variety. If I remember correctly, it came from Thailand too, and can have American roots too. Can anyone please watch my vid to see if my plant reminds World’s Best? Or Oscar? Or probably anything else? It is in Russian, but there’s nothing to understand there… just watch.


Really, why was that?


Had a look at the video. I’m no expert but it looks great!!!


I have two guesses. First, they just wanted to sell to those who were in search for Oscar :smiley: But second guess is that they really had Oscar from somewhere and were propagated it. But the problem is that as I have seen here, Oscars sometimes have lobed leaves, not only whole. My plant has only whole leaves without any fingers.

Oooh, I wish it can survive here.


Pluses: extremely productive. And quite early. Quite large in size.

But the flavor is just not there. It feels like eating a wild mulberry. Of all the mulberries I’ve grown or tasted, this comes in dead last.


Wow! Interesting. I wonder if there are regional differences that may account for lack of flavor.


fingers crossed


I would think World’s Best would be bushier than your tree.


@Jah, Definitively world’s best is not the same as Oscar.
I have Oscar from a proved source, leaves are quite typical and telling


OK, so my “Thai’s Oscar” is neither Oscar, nor World’s best. No matter, because it either survives our winter (to -30F/-35C) or not. If it does, it deserves a new name, possibly related to bears and balalaikas (kiddin’).


Balalaika Mulberry. I like it


That’s about what I expected. Maybe if I can pull down the water level the taste will improve. I’ll find out this spring.


Never manage to get my hand on worlds best, but I’ve heard it’s quite productive but not as tasty. Maybe in different locations, soils, weather, the taste differs a bit


Performance of various mulberry cultivars can vary from place to place.
An old (now deceased) fruit/nut-growing friend in Flint, MI said that Illinois Everbearing was the worst mulberry he’d grown… but it was my best(now surpassed, IMO, by Silk Hope). He sent me HIS favorite… one he’d purchased as ‘Pakistan’, but it most definitely was not… it was just so-so, certainly not up the the level - in taste or productivity - of IE, in my orchard.
Similarly, ‘Wellington’ mulberry generally gets good reviews; but here, it is not significantly better than any ‘wild’ M.alba seedling… not worthy of even bothering to pick a berry, unless nothing else is ripe at the time.


@Lucky_P Wellington is my worst one also. Crap growth and crap berries


Exactly my experience, as well, Carld.
I’ve often wondered if my Wellington was mislabeled, as I’d always seen good reviews of fruit quality.


IE here is my best taste mulberry too. I like that is not ripe all at the same time. I can pick and enjoy fresh mulberries for 1 and 1/2 months. Mulberries growing in less water and sunny area can intensify the flavor.