Worm Bin's, Castings and Compost Tea


I tried to DIY a bin with out success so I broke down and bought on online kit. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B018RU0BAS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 (now $5 cheaper)

Vermicomposting questions

My first DIY worm bin was a bust.
But for my next one I think I have the perfect solution. These flip top storage bins with holds in the bottom, and one with out holes make the liquid collection tray out of

Well after I patch the whole in the bottom.


thats all i have. 1 tote inside of another i have 2 bins going. roughly 500 worms in each. i keep mine in my spare room. i harvest the castings every spring and spread around my plants. i get about 50-60 lbs. if i harvested every 3 mo., like you’re your supposed to, id get 3xs that amount. i make tea from it to use on my seedlings.


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I ended up using the crates for a whole bunch of other activities. Eventualy they will get used as a bin but in the mean time this is how the little guys are doing in the kit, which is now moved to the basement.


Worm Hut is warm and cozy in my basement now. I have neglected giving them new beding. They live in practicly 100% food wastes and poop. I have had a substantial population explosion.



Is this method better then the worm castings granules?


This is how you get Worm Casting AKA worm poop.
The bottom two bins all of the food has been consumed and all thats left is mostly castings.
Bin 3 is a little more lively
But Bin 4 is where the food is.


throw in a bunch of shredded cardboard and paper in there. it will clean it up some by fluffing up your castings so they aren’t so ‘‘wet’’.


I plan to add some to the active bin. But do you think its worth it to add to the bottom three bins?


no. the bottom bins are nearly pure castings. I’m surprised you haven’t lost some of your worms. when it gets wet and pure castings it starts to get acid and kills the worms. you obviously don’t have that problem. i think its the design of your worm bin. id still add a bunch of ‘‘browns’’ in there to fluff things up. because mine are in 1 tub , i layer paper/ cardboard with food scraps. doesn’t get all wet and stinky that way.