Would This Work As A Green House?

Could this be converted to a green house for potted plants? On the video it has light coming through the material, just not as much as clear material.

Does anyone have any equally cheap ideas for a green house? Just looking for something to place potted plants for the winter and get the spring started a little early.

People have used a car shelter like this, as a really useful greenhouse you would need to get UV stabilized greenhouse plastic to cover it and allow more light through.
It’s kind of whatever you have to do a cheaper greenhouse. If you are going to buy parts, then price compare the total to an actual greenhouse package.
I wanted to build a cattle panel greenhouse because I have them and use for lots of things. Soon.

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If you put clear plastic on it it would be more of a high tunnel/hoop house. Good for frost protection/season extension, but $$$$$$ to heat all year.

I built a cattle panel greenhouse similar to this Versatile cattle panel hoop houses - Survival Jack It was low cost and very simple to build.


I want to do this… would be perfect for my needs.



I would warn against using one of these.
I am an artist who has done many an ‘outdoor art show’ with a tent similar to this.
And lost several tents similar to this - even much more stable than this - to weather ‘events’.
So - for that reason - I will have to say NO! Don’t use a ‘collapsable’ tent for a greenhouse.

Even when weighted and staked, etc etc. - They are not very dependable in any sort of windy situation.


Anything you can wrap plastic around would make a greenhouse. Questions to ask are more about longevity and practicality. Are you looking for something to give your seedlings a head start then yes this would work.

Pvc pipes, rebar, and clear plastic can make an affordable hoophouse/greenhouse.
Heating could be a major expense. But an unheated one can save a lot of marginal plants.

I have used a similar 10X20 carport frame.

  1. Its weakness is that there are only 3 uprights per side so I added 2 more per side and roof supports using 3/4" EMT conduit and fittings bought on line Amazon.com : EMT Fittings. This made the structure a lot more stable. Also prevented rain from pooling up on overhead expanses.
  2. I replaced the carport covering with roof greenhouse covering with valence flap. The “valence” part means that there is a flap on the underside that you can tie to pipe along the 20’ side at 6’ height so that tarp is more secure. I added side panels on 3 sides of same material.
  3. I tied structure to 5 fence post stakes on each side, pounded into ground.

The structure has remained sturdy through 2 winters. The only adjustment is retying the valence to the EMT to make sure rain does not pool in the peak expanses.

Now you need to start looking for free carport frames that people post on Craigslist once the covering blows apart in winter wind!!

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Several years ago I purchased a hoop bender. It is for 10foot wide structure, the bender was 1/3 the current price. Yikes! Top rail has gotten pricey too, just got enough pieces for two 12 foot structures for about $350. When I get started assembling it, will know more, but it is planned to put on 4 x 4 treated bottom rails and made mobile. It will use 8 mill greenhouse plastic and a movable shade cloth.


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Here is another neat idea if you are kinda handy. Its in French but has subtitles.

i payed $350 for my 10’ x 20’ delta portable greenhouse on amazon. it has velcro across the bottom so you can remove the cover over the winter. has done well for me for 5 yrs. the cover starts to break down around the 4th. year. was $176 to get a new one.

If you’ll be using it for winter storage the semi clear cover would be way better. A clear cover would make it hot inside, even in winter, and could make plants break dormancy way too soon. I learned the hard way.

Those are great. And cheap. I wasn’t looking for anything permanent. Now I just need to find out which has the thickest material.

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the one i have is pretty thick. its got green 1/4in mesh in it for strength. get 4 auger anchors to tie to your frame down. the cover holds up well but the stitching starts to come apart after about 4 yrs. if you had a way to restitch it , it would last much longer. frames galvanized so lasts a long time.

Looks like these are the two basic styles they sell. Which did you buy?

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Steve said “Delta” so it’s probably this one?


One of the greenhouses I have is literally 2 of these models’ frames attached together to form a single 40x10 frame, with wiggle wire channel all along the bases affixing the skin to the structure. I have 4 4"x4"x12’ ft posts set in concrete supporting the roof due to the snow load that can be a problem with some structures in my area. It’s worked very well for the cost so far. I have it double skinned and inflate the layers with a blower.

One thing I’ll mention to anyone considering going this route with these Delta greenhouses, the GH film/skin that comes with these (and the zippers, Good Lord the zippers) are just terrible - I highly recommend doing the wiggle wire channel and IR+anti-drip rated poly film and adding some support posts and it really seems to be a great cost-effective solution for a smaller greenhouse once ventilation is taken care of

Here’s a photo of the “conversion” I did a couple of years ago tying the frames together and reskinning with wiggle wire channel + poly


its actually the dimensions of the top one but with a rounder top. same color cover. mines going on 6 yrs old so they probably changed since then. mine tends it get a spot or 2 where water pools and it leaks a little. likely why they went with a pointy peak with the new ones.