Wow - red/green split on Pristine apple


I had to google this to see how common and it’s NOT! Since probably triggered by cold spring or temperature fluctuations, it’s unlikely a stable mutation. I see no insect damage. Only 1 apple on branch (experts would only be excited if whole branch had same coloring).
Will be checking next year… because strange weather fluctuations seem to be the norm!


If it repeats…then you may have a mutation you can patent and make some bucks off of!


Absolutely amazing! You should submit somewhere. Your photo is perfectly oriented.

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Looks like you got a chimera.


Looks dipped into dye. Maybe someone was trying to play a trick on you. Any suspects among your circle of acquaintances?

Your apple looks striking.

One of my watermelon plants has a vine with leaves like this.

And the fruit from that vine looks to be influenced by whatever happened to the leave to.


Does your Pristine apple look like it will produce any more fruit like you showed us last year?

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Alas, poor fruit set on certain apples this year. Pristine had none!

Weird! Even the part that’s not red doesn’t look like pristine.