Your best fruits in 2020

2020 was a very hard year for most of us, including our family. So lets look at the good and what we learned in 2020 in the way of fruits. Because of the pandemic we spent a lot more time at home this year and able to evaluate different fruits better. Unfortunately I did not take a whole lot of pictures in 2020 so I will use pictures from the past when I need too. I will start with last January, here in January citrus is king and we were finishing off our Satsumas and starting our Tangos. The Satsumas are super sweet and richly flavored, averaging 17 brix, and up to 20 here, imagine that, incredible for any citrus!! The Tangoes are more tart, classic Tangerine flavor, averaging around 13 brix, and superb! Please post your favorite fruits you trialed in 2020 here, thanks!


Tangoes up top, Satsumas here!


Is it just me or are the pictures blurry for everyone?

Clear for me. :grin:


My best (and almost only) fruits in 2020 were Blueberries.
Everything else froze out.


First year the Comice and Bosc on ohf-87 really turned it on. Outstanding and can’t wait for this fall to come around again.


They look so delicious.Satsuma is my favorite

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New Zealand lemonade

Meiwa kumquat


Definitely a wild year. But fruitful here in Napa, CA. All my peaches gave good crops for the first time.

Even returning home from work after the kids binged on peaches, I could still find counters full of fruit.
A pawpaw seedling I’ve neglected for 12 or so years fruited, yielding a small harvest and my first taste of pawpaw.

I started planting a small orchard on family property. It’ll be about 100 trees, mostly figs, but also pawpaws, persimmons, pears, feijoas…

I’m really looking forward to more pawpaws, American persimmons, dragon fruit, and trying to see if I can manage a couple cherimoyas without too much maintenance.


One or two apples, the rest of our tree fruit were blasted by bloom time hard freezes.

Best crop of other fruit were blackberries, then raspberries and strawberries.


Best crop last year was cherries,

Reine Claude (gage plum)

And Beurre Hardy and Precoce du Trevoux (pictured) pears.

Several pears fruited for the first time so we could try new varieties.

Triomphe de Vienne:



Apples had 3 weeks of rain during bloom, so the crop was veeeeery small.


Goumi did really good for me this year We did 3 or 4 pickings from 1 bush of similar quantity.
It makes a great jam. One of our family favorites…


Wow this goumi fruit look great. I just ordered a plant for spring 2021 and this picture makes me really look forward to it!

Hi Oepfeli,

nice pictures. Which varieties of sweet cherries and gage plums are you growing?
Because of late spring freezes I didn’t harvest any plums. Had some apples but nothing to write about. I am hoping my stone fruit finally start to fruit this year. They got blasted by spring freezes the 3rd year in a row. I remember you asking for new varieties to ad to your orchard. If you are interested we can start to swap scion in years to come. I am constantly adding new varieties. This year I am quite stuck because of the lockdown situation. If you are interested I will send my plant list.

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Hey carot,
I don’t know the cherries and gage variety. The cherries were planted by my grandparents and in one case even by my great grandparents! But what I can say is that the pictured fruit are not table cherries in the modern sense, they are really soft. I guess they were for making jam or Schnaps. But if you don’t care about crispness (which I don’t find super important) they are really tasty…
The gage was a present for my parents at their wedding, so I’m guessing that it is a variety that you can get in a gardencenter, like Reine Claude Verte or Oullins, propably Oullins, since it is very yellow when fully ripe.

I would love to swap scions with you but I’m really not sure if it is possible between Switzerland and the rest of Europe since we are not in the EU. Guess I’ll have to look that up… But if it is possible I’d be thrilled to, thank you for offering!

In any case I wish you good luck with your stonefruit and that the freezes don’t get too bad this year…


We got zapped by late frost too. It was super disappointing because it should have been our first year to get a nice sized crop of various peaches, nectarines and apricots. We still got a few, but no where near what we probably would have gotten minus the late frost.

Our best crop, as usual, was the Asian pears, mainly Chojuro and Olympic Giant. We still had plenty despite the frost. We also had a lot of low quality Gala apples. They were low quality because I wasn’t able to thin or spray them last year. We were also excited to get 3 Stanly plums after having planted that tree 7 seasons ago. The fruit usually drop (I need to find out why).

Chojuro Asian Pear, Gala Apple, Stanley European Plum


Year 2020 was a fruitful year. We survived the pandemic thus far. First time in life can work with pajamas on. First time the scarecrow in the yard became a real person, an eye pop moment for the squirrels therefore most fruits also survived long enough till went into my tommy happily.

First of all, fruit of love.
I received small plants as part of Mother’s Day gift. A bless that my child synch. with her mom’s hobby. I liked the card that came with the package too:

I harvested more than normal amount of sweet cherries last year. It looked like that hanging some refective tapes on the tree disencouraged the birds

My J plums were nice too, having them from mid July till end of the season

Peaches are squirrels’ favorite in my yard. But I harvested more than I can eat fresh. I made peach wine and dried some for snack

I have never had such great year in grapes. The vine is loaded with clusters of beautiful grapes. My neighbors brought kids over to look at the grapes on the vine. Of course I made extra gallons of wine.

Early season Asian pear

Mid season asian pear Drippin’ Honey and Yoinashi

Latest Asian pear Korean Giants


The first fruit to ever come off a tree I grafted. The scionwood was some kind of McIntosh descendant taken from my late grandparents old homestead and bud grafted onto G.30.


Wow, the pictures you all have posted here are awesome, some of the best I have seen! Keep posting your pictures and evaluations. Here in February we are still eating citrus, blood oranges and mandarins, our favorite citrus. We juiced a lot of citrus to help boost our immune systems in 2020. A few pics…


Late frost killed most blooming early fruits and berries but the figs were amazing this year.