Your experience with Harcot apricot?

My experience with Harcot apricot has been mixed — it’s a good producer of large, beautiful fruit, but is practically useless for fresh eating. It never ripens well for me — stays low on sugar and flavor and does not get the normal soft texture of a well ripened apricot. If left long on the tree, fruits start spoiling near the pit (white mold that starts at the pit cavity and then spreads through the fruit) but still don’t develop good sugar or flavor. I started using them for jam at the ripeness stage before the mold develops, and they work well for that purpose, but not for fresh eating.

My graft is relatively low on the eastern side of a large tree, so I wonder if shading might be a problem, but other varieties grafted in the same area do fine and Harcot fruits color really well like they have enough sun. What’s your experience with this variety?

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