Your fave grapes to grow in Pacific NW!

Although I am descended of generations of farmers and gardeners, I am 1st to try grapes. I live in Vancouver, WA and on only a few feet of land have a Catawba and a Concord doing well. Since I have it on an arbor, and am new at grapes, welcome tips for pruning, grape leaf and green unripe grape uses as well as ripe, how to remove seeds making jelly or juice, and curious what types you like?

In stores I really like mini so called champagne grapes and musky Muscadine grapes, and I wish I had room for them and some white grape. I just do not know of a good white grape to eat. Do you?

Let me see if I can get the attention of a few PNW growers – hey @murky @Bradybb @Vincent_8B @Quill!


Grapes are something I don’t grow right now,but my sister has some on her property that were very overgrown and she wanted me to try and get them straightened out.
There are a number of videos online.A few I watched were by Dave Wilson Nursery.

I bought a food mill from Gurneys,probably,when it was like 75% off.It’s a knockoff of a more expensive model but works fairly well and has different sieves for seed sizes.Here is a picture of the
Another one that may work,has a basket and blades that are turned by cranking.

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Hi Scott and David.
I have 3 dogs that’s why I didn’t plant grape for a long time. This is my first year to plant a couple grape so I don’t have any much experience . But don’t worry all my neighbors their grapes do extremely very well . Hopefully your grape does well too .


I’ve got one mars grape plant. Get lots of grapes it’s a slip skin and I even made raisins last year. Interesting flavor. All my family want them so I’m planting more and a canadice. See how that tastes. I prune it back every year never had an issue with it.


Canadice does great and people love it. I really like einset, like candy. Reliance. Jupiter is top 3 with some muscat flavor and reliable. Sweet seduction maybe my favorite, melting sweet muscat when healthy, there may be more than one version. All above are seedless. There’s one more blue grape that is pretty firm and good, I’ll edit when i remember.

edit: Glenora. spherical, blue, closer to crisp than these others.


@David_DeafGardening Lon Rombough’s family farm should be close to where you live and their website has wealth of information on different varieties for your area


I know next to nothing about growinng grapes but agree Lom Rombaugh’s site is great. I’ve heatd that Interlaken and Jupiter do well in the PNW.


I grew Interlaken here in Spokane for many years. It makes a small white seedless grape. Very crisp with a great flavor. Goes from green to a golden green color when ripe in September.


@murky I’ve got one more spot for a grape out of the ones you listed which do you prefer. Oh and I got a einset free this year from Raintree. Thanks in advance.

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you forgot me! lol.

let us know if you get fruit this fall. Im also growing suffolk red

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i been looking for more info on sweet seduction since seems to have two different opinions about the productive and the quality of the fruit. do you have any harvest photos you can share of that variety?

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I don’t have photos. I don’t spray, and mine isn’t in the best location for sun, and I’m not tending them since they are not at the house where I live anymore. The first few of the season are great, and then later I pick a few, but the under-cared-for bunches don’t come out great.

I’ve got it at my new home, at least I’ll give it some pruning and better light. We’ll see. Mine is from Raintree and they still offer it, so if you get it, at least it should be the one I’m talking about.

P.S. Off topic. Since your handle, I"m curious, do you grow Peter’s Honey Fig and does it take anything special to ripen them in Puget Sound?

Is Einset the only one you have?

Jupiter has been the overall winner when factoring together health, reliable bearing, quality of fruit, etc. It has a mild muscat flavor. Some say the skin is a little tough, but nothing like Venus, and probably helps the quality.

For my grapes, it does have the best location, better sun and air, so it may get an unfair advantage in my comparisons.

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peter honey ripens in PNW fine. they aren’t as productive as desert king. they are smaller in size and sweeter.

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for white table grape seedless. there are reliance, lakemont and interlaken all seem to do well her in pwn you can probabably buy them to taste them before planting at pcc they sell local grown grapes. i prefer himrod its soft and sweet


The Reliance I have is a seedless red grape

Yes I will updating.

oops you are right it is red lol