Your favorite persimmon?


Black Sapote (Diospyros digyna) a tropical plant.


Thanks for the clarification.I thought it was persimmon


Its a species of persimmon, also called the chocolate pudding fruit. Ive never tried it but have heard everything from it really tastes like chocolate pudding to axle grease :). Definitely update us if you try it!


It is a diospyros species like persimmon. It is not as sweet as persimmons and not as flavorful. In the US you can buy them from tropical fruit growers in Florida. Some even sell the fruit online. It is not generally well liked in the US because of the lack of flavor. It is often marketed as the chocolate pudding persimmon but it has no chocolate flavor at all.


Does anybody have Giombo and Rojo Brillante persimmon sion wood they could sell me please? Thanks