Your favorite persimmon?


Thank you, Jose. If I were to visit all the places you mentioned I would need to be there for several weeks. That cold only happen after I retire which won’t come fast enough.

Look like you are very well-connected :smile:


I love Spanish jamon with freshly picked figs, eat this combination for breakfast almost every day during the fig season (July - September).


Just saw this. I generally do not peel persimmon so weird shape ones does not discourage me :smile:.

Where I am, we don’t have many persimmon choices. I can say that this one tasted much better than Rojo Brillante (both store-bought).

My thought is that RB were picked way too early. I can still see lot of greenish skin on them but astringency was removed.


Tippy,Hopefully I be able to send you this coming fall some tree ripened r/b.s.


That is very nice of you. Thank you. Your persimmon trees are very beautiful and bountiful.


Natural RB are wonderful soft ripened. The artificially non-astringent ones at the store cannot compare.


I put store bought RB in a bag with a cup of vodka. I hope that would help soften the fruit.

One thing I learned AFTER doing that was a suggestion was to use 1-2 tbsp for 20 lbs of persimmons. I used almost a cup of vodka for 6 persimmons. They will be vodka-flavored persimmons in a few days


About what time of year do your RB’s ripen in Arkansas?


They starting to ripen the latter part of October till November and into December. Fruits can handle freezing temps to about 27*.


@Jose-Albacete is an very experienced grower and has kindly provided us with lot of good info including about persimmons.

Jose and other think this persimmon could be Triumph. I looked up Triumph pics and felt they don’t look the same. This persimmon has more pronounced ribs.

Comparing store-bought to store bought persimmons, this variety tasted sweeter than Fuyu. I will choose this variety over Fuyu anytime.


Tippy, here are some similar ones I saw in Chinatown. They are marked as Sharoni.

I preferred the texture of the Rojo Brillante from California to these.


All I can say is the Sharoni I bought were more curvy :joy:


I agree with both of you @mamuang and @PharmerDrewee. 1-Sharoni coming from Spain, specially when dark orange, slightly soft and pollinated (I ate ones that have seeds before) is amazingly sweet and delicious. They are also big in size and look just like the photos posted by both of you. 2-Rojo Brillante that comes from Spain, is mostly under ripe and underwhelming. I also have never encountered a pollinated one. 3-Rojo Brillante from California, which I found in the market first time this year, is mostly pollinated (no seeds, but brownish interior), is excellent! I love both 1 & 3, can’t prefer one over the other, also both are the best Asian persimmons that I have ever eaten (but I have only tried half a dozen varieties or so). Photos of RB below, note the brown coloration. Some times the brown color is all over the fruit.


Hi mamuang.
Those Triumph persimmons (Sharon or Sharoni) have such pronounced ribs, because they carried out a very strong work of thinning small fruits, to obtain more size and commercial quality.
These persimmons are above the standard size, and for that reason their lobes have developed more.

Yes, I totally agree with you, Rojo Brillante is much better persimmon than Sharon.

You have to try the Beterá-3 persimmon variety, it has stratospheric taste qualities hahahaha