Zhanhua Dongzao set so many fruits naturally first time

The second generation of Zhanhua Dongzao is still the best jujube so far. The third generation is on its try. The main problem of the second generation of Zhanhua Dongzao is very difficult to set fruits. I had this variety about five years. I just got a few fruits in the past years.
This year it is surprisingly full of fruits. I did nothing. No fertilizer, no GA. My friend said the spot that I plant this jujube is very good. I should dig up the tree and plant a money tree. This friend gave me the Scions of Zhanhua Dongzao. He never had this luck to let his Zhanhua Dongzao trees to set fruits naturally.



What does your “very good” planting spot look like? I hope we don’t need Feng Shui for a location of a jujube tree :joy:

5 years for this variety?

It is a joke. I think it is the God’s makeup since we had a very harsh winter and spring. I lost many varieties this year.

I know it’s a joke. I was joking about Feng Shui, too. Look forward to hear your review of its taste.

I tasted it before. I got fruits in the past five years, just a few. Super sweet and crunchy!
I wrote before that I couldn’t stop eating Zhanhua Dongzao when I visited China. The fruits on my tree tasted much better than from the market. The best jujube so far. This year I hope I can enjoy myself to the full. Like this jujube so much!


How did the third generation do compared to the second generation last year in taste, fruit set and ripening time?

Is the first generation the same as Dongzao/ Dong?

3rd generation is about 20 days ripened earlier than 2nd. And easier set fruits. Doesn’t need a lot of professional management to set fruit. Taste the same crunchy and sweet.
2nd and 3rd taste much better than 1st, also bigger size.