Zone-pushing guabiju (Myrcianthes pungens)

I did a search for this species (also spelled guabiyu), but there doesn’t appear to be a thread dedicated to it even though it’s been mentioned in passing by a few people (@Carld @Luisport @SnacksFromPlants e.g.).

I planted a pair of tiny seedlings last spring, here’s a photo of one of them shortly before it went in the ground about a year ago:

They grew slowly but steadily through the growing season, and I was hoping they would get a couple mild winters before really being tested for cold hardiness. But instead, they were completely unprotected for this six-day freeze event in December:

They suffered some damage on their youngest leaves and shoots, but both seedlings pulled through okay and have started pushing new growth:

Hopefully now they can get a few mild winters so they can grow a bit more before their next bad freeze!

I’d love to hear others’ experiences growing this, and what they think of the fruit (I saw that @Richard at least thinks they are inferior to cherry tomatoes in one thread about them).


Guabiju is a great fruit and hardy.
The flowers are pretty too…



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