2019 Grafting Thread


Very good feeling!


I’ve never even been able to make a W & T cut that was good enough to hold the stock and scion together!


Practice, practice…….
I finally did enough that I don’t even need to hold the two sticks up and compare the cuts…they are the same length

Will have to be patient to see what percent of mine are successful this year…but certainly some are as leaves have come out on the scionwood. Especially the grafts to seedling stock I had in containers that weren’t grafts to bare root trees.



Kokuso and Pakistan now pushing


Apples Wickson and Bite Me(skillcult seedling)
Both have taken.


I guess I shall join the fun. Here are most of my grafts for the year that I did a few weeks back. Both cleft and whip & tongue. A good number of them are budding so it seems like some are successful. So fun!


Did my first bark grafts. 5 types of apricot into the July Elberta peach I didn’t like.

Also my first peach grafts. Victoria on to my unknown variety. Hopefully gives me later peaches.