2019 Grafting Thread


Thanks for the info @Sophia2017!!! One more question, Where can I get some cuttings from? Do people sell them? Give them a way ? How does that work and where to find them? Thanks


If you know your neighbors or friends who plant some fruit trees, you can collect scions from them. After you know how to graft, you can buy or swap scions.
Fruitwoodnursery is a really good nursery where you buy scions, cuttings, and rootstocks.
If you be a member in this website for more than one year, you can find Trading posts. Where you can swap scions with members.


There is also our reference page here with many places that sell wood … for next year, too late this year.


Thank you for the info Scott


Ruben ,
On the top right corner of the page, you will see a looking glass symbol. That is the forum’s search engine.

Click on the symbol, a dialob box will show up. Type in whatever topic you want to know such as “grafting”, old threads about grafting will show up for you to read.

Looking up old threads are very useful and time saving. If you can’t find info through the search engine, then you can create a new thread.

For new members, your questions usually have been asked many times in the past. You just need to know how to find those answers.


Thanks for the tip Sophia! Unfortunately none of my neighbors grow fruit tree, most everybody in town only grow trees, shrubs, bushes just for the looks to enhance their property. Just a few people like to grow some vegetables through out the summer but that’s all. That’s why I got thinking to ask around here! Probably some one would point me on the right direction!


You can check the Scion Exchane category, the symbol of three short line near the looking glass symbol.

Click on those three line, list of categories will show up. Pick Scion Exchane and see if anyone want o give away scionwood. You can post and ask for scion. Keep in mind, this is quite late in the game to ask for scion for spring grafting. You should read up on chip budding and T budding.


Thanks so much for the tip @mamuang , I know it’s a little to late to look for scion wood. I just received some persimmon cuttings to graft in to my persimmon tree.


R4T3 jujube

Sherwood jujube

Chico jujube

Winter Delight jujube

Illinois Everbearing mulberry

Wellington mulberry

Silk Hope mulberry


How long did it take your jujubes to show growth?


Most of these were grafted the end of May. Probably a couple of weeks for these to green up. It’s been really slow and for us our weather has been cold. My last juju graft date is 4/4 and some of those are already growing. I have some that haven’t grown and I think I am about to regraft them. These four have just now started having growth that looks like a for sure take. Some of my earliest to show growth are still just barely growing but all those are very small scion on very small rootstock.


When “top working” an Apple tree, is there typically a better success rate with bud grafts? I have a 2 yr old tree with 3 main branches. I cut off 2 and whip/tongue grafted different variety scions. No go on either so far… Perhaps I just didn’t do a very good job of it… But 20+ w&t grafts onto new rootstock, I’m 90%+ with.

If these had been bud grafts, I’d have let the bud heal over and cut off the branch past it next year, right? Which would have caused that bud to push, effectively replacing that limb.



Adara plum on cherry


Magness pear working its way through. Grafted to Harrow Sweet.


My first ever graft… Sam Cherry onto my Rainier.


I’ll be supporting some of my grafts now. I’ll need to re-graft Santa Rosa after the growth was a bit too vigorous for the scion to support.

On a positive note, though, my McKibbon graft looks to have healed nicely. I’ll need to re-graft the Dot Piazza.


Is the McKibbon a Plum variety?bb


Here is a stick of bud 9 on a seedling apple I will let it grow this year then add desired varieties on top


Congrats! You need to remove the non-scion growth there though or it will out-compete the scion and the scion will wilt and die.


I’ve been noticing a lot of trees where I did single grafts with both white and black electric tape to hold the splice grafts together. There is absolutely no difference in take percentage or growth between the two colors.

Last year was wet and cool, so one would think black would help them heal sooner and grow more. The fact that it didn’t happen makes me question if the temperature of the healing grafts matter as long as things don’t get hot enough to cook them.

Overall, all grafts gave me relatively sluggish growth in that cool grey season. This all suggests that the main issue is how vigorously the trees are growing after grafts are made. As I’ve mentioned earlier, peach grafts didn’t take with a good percentage. However, ultimately the trees tended to grow well- the rain caused that. Hmmm…

It’s all so mysterious.