2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


Is this a shiro or some other early yellow plum its a middle age tree (my shiros in full sun are just colouring but its a young tree) semifreestone rich plum taste with good body and some apricot tones


Shiro plums are clingstone and round in shape. This looks very nice.


Looks like an aprium or plumcot to me.


Pretty though!


My persimmons :heart_eyes:


Shiro is a good looking plum but is not a good taste plum. I found the major reason I keet it is that it’s a reliable producer.


I have never heard of this variety before, and nothing comes up on google! Care to review it’s attributes? =)


Very true re. Shiro’s assessment. I keep it because it is very productive and a good pollination partner.


Shiro is excellent for wine. Probably the best plum wine I’ve ever made came from a batch of bland Shiro plums.


Sorry, what variety?


My Miss Kim persimmon decided to flower for a 2nd time on a new flush of growth. All the buds got burnt by a late freeze in spring. Too bad these won’t have a long enough season to ripen.

Korea Kaki, and Picudo also formed some flowers on a new flush of growth.


Grossa di Trento is an Italian variety. Have big apples, some times reach 700g! This is the first year, so she is adapting and i think i pick them a bit soon. In Italy they are from September…
Regarding the flavour it’s like grany smith, a bit acid and sweet but good to eat out of hand.


Hale’s best cantaloupe :


Is it sweet enough? I kinda avoid buying cantaloup b’cause it doesn’t taste sweet enough


Yes very sweet. There are so many little things like rain just before harvest or too much water can decrease quality.


Gala left (3) and Summerred right (1)

Gala April 16th, 2020

Gala August 13th, 2020


Are you sure your Summerred is true to label? It is not as red as it should be


Yes I am sure it is summerred. It is more red on the other side. It is very young potted plant and came from a friend mother tree which is more red then mine.


Veteran , Frost , Summerred , Flavor king. :sunglasses:


Any northern eggplant growers out there? This year is my first real attempt. I have a row of kamo that are just flowering. Plants look healthy, but days are already starting to shorten. Usually don’t get frost until end of September early October. They are a smaller eggplant, do I have time for it to fruit or am I screwed?