2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


Nice cleaning peaches,no scabs👍. Ate veteran and frost good tasting peaches?


I would not lose hope and you should have some Eggplants. This year I also started late and mine are on flowering stage too.


Thanks I would recommend Veteran to any one very reliable . Frost is good but not as good Veteran. This year sweetness was less due to some very heavy rains at ripening time.


I am impressed with your spraying program. All your fruit have been so clean.


Flavor Queen Pluot : that was almost perfectly ripe fell on ground I loved it.


1 of only 5 Intrepid peaches from my 3rd leaf tree. It had hundreds of flowers that were lost when they were hit by a hard freeze after petal fall. Not sure when to pick it but probably very soon! Never had any peach from my own garden before.


Pick it when the part near the stem starts to soften.


That only works if you have a gentle touch. I have hands of stone. One year, I bruised all my nectarines that way. :confounded:

I usually try to use ACN nursery maturity chart and adjust it to my zone. Also, when you can smell it, it is definitely ripe.

Also, critters often take fruit when they are about to ripen. Not recommend this method :grin:


I will have my friend come over to smell them later. I don’t trust myself with this task right now. There are only 5 so animals are not allowed to take any! They are bagged with the bags tied to the branches. They were still firm to the touch, but I was scared to apply much pressure. I’m not very familiar with this peach and bought it on a whim from Starkbros with a coupon. ACN does not list it but it’s supposed to ripen around with Contender.


Per @Olpea’s peach report, Intrepid ripens 15 after Red Haven in KS.zone 6

2019 peach evaluations


Sure enough, that peach was ripe! It had that wonderful aroma when I smelled it. Better than all those market peaches I’ve been eating. The flesh was soft and melting. Too bad there aren’t many more this year.


Can vouch for this- I posted a few days ago about my plums that I thought were ripening- they had a nice smell. I picked two and left the rest to see if they’d ripen further but a squirrel cleaned them out before I could harvest. They had ziplocks on them too.


I hate hearing this from so many of ‘us’. So much work and hope . . . only to feed the squirrels. Sigh.


The squirrels are rotten. I used pieces of hardware cloth over fruit before. Outside of killing or trapping they are almost impossible to deal with. They also will eat part of a fruit and climb the tree and grab a new one…leave the half ate one on the ground for me to pick up. Tree rats!


I plan to get the trap out soon. :grinning:

I need a trap that kills instantly though, live trapping was a pain.


Tis true!


Raspberry start producing on new canes.


Live trapping only takes your problem to somebody else’s neighborhood!

Cities need a “hunting season” for squirrels…let country folk come and get some target practice!

(Instead…feed the squirrels, and they multiply…and if they become too many…trap and move them to somebody elses’ land…) Yuk.

Anyone want some bear meat if I have success on the hunt?


These are my Moonglow (Left ) and Ayers (Right) Pears. Moonglow Pears came off very easily but still very hard need to keep on counter for few more days.


Yes, that’s when Intrepid ripens here. Contender is about a week later at +21.


That peach is a really big peach for Intrepid, if it is intrepid. So far, my Intrepid peaches rarely, if ever, get that big.