2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


Do you have Winblo? When does it ripens for you, please?


I should use a dollar bill or something like that as a size reference next time. I’ve got a few left on the tree that haven’t fully ripened. They are smaller than a typical grocery store peach I encounter in these parts.

Redhaven is supposed to ripen at the beginning of August for Adams County Nursery. They are about an hour away, but perhaps in an area with slightly colder winters.

Here was the tree in bloom this past spring.


Your so lucky to have Adams County nursery so close. I’m about 3.5 hours away. I’d have a lot more trees if I was closer.


Getting rid of squirrels/raccoons/possums/ and what not starts at January first, way before mating season. Not wait till the last day to get a final look at your Beautiful sun kissed fruits. These animals do the same thing, the only difference, they beat you to it. Another difference they can smell your top of the line famous labeled treeFruits a mile away.


Definitely good quality trees from AC Nursery. I liked going there to pick up my trees, since they are unpruned and I can shape them myself. I got good pears, plums, and peach trees from them.


Andrew, is your yard already filled up like Tippy’s yard? Unbelievable what you guys grow. I sure like to grow you guys are growing. Use to do that to, zone 6a, Chitown, Ill. Seeing all the stuff makes me want to back to it. Has to be very small tree’s, immediate return, on top of that back to spraying.


No spraying there,Bob?bb


My tree’s I am growing here doesn’t need spraying, citrus, Asian persimmon, paw paw, berries, figs, some potted, some inground.
Have pears, plums, peach all large trees too tall to spray, going to cut them down but keep some sions to be grafted on dwarf rootstock. I mean dwarf, not more than 7 feet tall.


im sooo


This is my last Veteran Peach , it was bigger then normal and it did not even make it inside :yum:.


Well it looked really big in your hand, but maybe you have tiny hands. :wink:

Your flowers look like the flowers on my Intrepids.

As I’m sure you’ve recognized, Intrepids do want to grow upright. It takes a lot of work to get them to spread out, but they will spread, if you keep after it.


Yes, my hands really aren’t very big at all! They make figs look huge.

The tree really does put on a lot of vertical growth. I pruned a lot of it off to promote a wider form.

Here is another one I picked today. Let me know what you think.


Nice! It’s hard to beat a good, homegrown peach. Elberta and Reliance did well here last year—and they bloomed heavily this season, but our late spring freezes left us peachless. :cry:


This is the first year I ever got a homegrown peach! It makes me very excited. Mine were zapped by a deep freeze in April so only 5 made it to ripening.


That’s still a pretty nice sized peach for Intrepid. I’d say it’s close to 1/2 lb.


Mara des Bois Strawberry: small but intense flavor must have.


that reminds me i have to pick mine again.


Get going! I want some jam!


My first Winblo peach. It was in a Clemson bag so the color is pale but it was well-protected from bugs.