2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


Picked Gala from a third leaf tree. These are perfectly balanced in sugar and softness we like.


Beautiful clean fruit!


Not every fruit is super clean so I want to show the ugly side too
Salavatski Pomegranate I need to find a good Fungicide which actually work on these. These three pieces were harvested today as you can see. These were not ripe so taste was tart.

@PomGranny : I have not sprayed anything and I have only one fruit left on tree which is free of any fungus. Please see last picture.


This one’s a whopper.

Redhavens are later than usual by 8 or 9 days. Summer got off to a really slow start this year.
Big beautiful peaches are mot as sweet as they normally are.


Unfortunately, Naeem . . . this looks very familiar. Bad summer for pomegranates.

I have the same situation. Some fruit is barely damaged. Others split and blackened. I just hope that some make it to full maturity. I’ve picked up a lot of black or spotted, stunted small fruits this week. I’ve pulled many more. I also went around and cut off all of the wilted new growth, and die back, that accompanied the destroyed fruit.

I think we will have to spray a LOT during dormancy - and then make sure that we spray everything in the Spring . . . especially all buds, before they open. I think that perhaps spraying Captan on my fruit, saved some of it. I’ve been spraying after each rain. But, I don’t know if the clean fruit is because of the Captan - or not. ?


Oro Blanco grapefruits - these are monster sized already but will grow more and ripen in Feb. Unfortunately 50% of the size will be white pith :slight_smile: but the flesh tastes good. Adds variety to the citrus harvest along with oranges and mandarins.


‘Left us peachless’ . . . . I like that!
I looked to see if you were from Washington State . . . and maybe you were also . . .
‘Peachless in Seattle’. groan! Sorry I couldn’t resist!


My partridgeberry patch has matured enough to set some fruit. Technically edible, but appreciated more for its ornamental qualities.


Poly White Peach : Sweet , reliable and tasty. These are my last peaches for this season. It was quite a run for a month and half or so. I will miss all of my peaches.


Thanks for posting that pix! I spotted some in Kentucky this week and failed to identify it at the time.


Happy to help! They make a great ground cover for shade.


Rocha pear and reinette apple harvest :yum:

Reinette apple tree


Crimson Sweet not huge but very sweet grown in 20 gallon pot :sunglasses:


not bad for a pot grow watermelon


My first pawpaw of the year!


Moonglow Pears very sweet and fragrant :slight_smile:


My first two bavays gage plums wont be ripe for a week or so still but the wind.


Some of my figs and Today’s Harvest



Qalaat Al Maadiq


Today’s Harvest


Everyday there are new fruits and flowers… :smile:

3 fausterime finger limes

Purple passionfruit flowers


Ayers Pears little watery due to the recent rain but over all I like it.