2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


Raspberry are in full production , I have to pick everyday :sunglasses:


Too much rain caused this to one of my potted fig. Variety is Adriatic J.H.


Too much rain caused my Foster peaches split like this.


Some of my mirabelle plums splits 4 ways.


Wow, this is awful. I only know the pit can split , didn’t know the peach itself can split like that


Split pit often happens to early peach varieties.

Foster peach is mid to late season. This year weather has been unusual, cold until early May with two late freezes. Drought in June and July and part of August. Then, pouring rain showed up. From very long, dry condition to excessive water repeatedly. Oh, well.

I will try to take pics of Mirabelles. They suffer bad split in a large quantity.


Thats sucks , I had some peaches cracked and healed but did not split still usable.


One word describe this year, too much rain in spring, too much high temps in the spring, early high heat in Summer, lost most bloom.
The winner, citrus, no problem there. Paw paw low, persimmon low, stone fruit low, than drought, killed several trees. Fig? Not bad, VDS good, SMITH good, inground not good.


These were all cracked. Picked this morning.

I hope we don’t have rain for a few more days so the rest can ripen without cracking.


Oh no, so many are cracked🙀 hope they are still edible and you still have more good ones on the tree.


They are deliciuos. I just have to be sure not to munch extra protein aka ants, too :joy:


Tippy, bring me some when u come to south shore area😂


How much rain did you got , can not catch a break first with all the diseases, insects and now rain.


Well, for the past several weeks, we have rain every 4-5 days. Forecast would say “scattered shower” so you don’t know if it would scatter to your area.

One time we got an inch when forecast did not mention rain in our area at all. The other time we got 1.5”. This recent rain episodes would have been OK had we not had very dry, hot months leading up to this.


Not to make other fruit feel bad, my Sivan melons split, too.

And tomatoes…


You got a lot of rain this year! On the contrary, we had drought situation in the month of August.
My peaches were small and had more intense flavor


Your situation is great for ripening fruit. Who want large, water-filled peaches. I would take your smaller but flavorful peaches anyday.

Some of my current peaches are large but not very tasty.


The gages still on my tree and allowed to over-ripen often have wasps inside of them eating their way in head first. Since they are ahead of the mirabelles on the same tree, at least the mirabelles are untouched.


Please tell me what it stand for. I know VDB but VDS no idea.


Violette de Soleis. This fig has several names.


Picked a few Chicago Hardy today. Very happy with the flavor ( of course this is the only variety I grow and dont have much to compare to) my 8 year old likes them. I had to peel them in the beginning to get her to eat. Now she eats them whole. My 6 year old had one bite and would not have them again.
I wonder if squirrels don’t like figs or they haven’t discovered mine yet. I picked tree ripe figs!